The Best and Worst Topics for a College Application Essay

Your college application marks the beginning of a new step in your life. That is why lots of students feel overwhelmed when they’re trying to write an essay for college application. Nevertheless, experts agree that there are some topics that never fail, and aspiring students should use one of them when they’re trying to write a flawless essay for college application. Of course, you can save yourself lots of hassle and find amazing essay examples when you look for the best free college essays. This way, you won’t be wasting time looking for good free essays because you’ll find lots of appropriate essay examples that you can choose from and write about.

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However, if you want to write your own college application essay, you can check some of these best topics that never fail.

  1.     Talking About Memorable Meals:

Nobody dislikes food, right? However, you’ll not be talking about your favorite food; you’re discussing the story that happened when you had a meal that you’ll never forget. As students explore their feelings and talk about the experience, the admission committee is able to see a glimpse of their personal traits and opinions. Students also tell them about the conversations that took place around this meal, who was there, and how things turned out at the end.

  1.     Favorite Outdoor Adventure:

Nothing interesting happens if you never feel your comfort zone. It’s a good idea to talk about an exciting experience that happened during an outdoor adventure, so you’re able to discuss your hobbies and things that interest you the most. There are lots of things to explore in this world, so this is your chance to show people reading your essay that you’re free from taking risks as you talk more about this topic.

  1.     Past Challenges:

One of the most popular topics in writing essays is when students talk about challenges they faced and overcame. First of all, it shows the audience reading the essay that his person doesn’t quit easily. This is an important trait in college students. College life can be quite stressful, and the committee is looking for candidates who know that success takes time and effort. Moreover, you can show them how you manage to think out of the box to overcome obstacles that everyone is likely to face in life.

In addition to these amazing topics, the success of your college admission essay depends on a number of other factors. Every sentence you write should provide the reader with a valuable piece of information. Sentences should be coherent and make sense, so the readers don’t get confused or bored. If you can tell an interesting fact or story, don’t hesitate. This way, you can guarantee that the readers will be interested in your essay till the end.

At the same time, there are some topics that students should try to avoid when they’re writing a college admission essay. These topics might be too specific or boring, so the readers won’t be interested in reading them. Choosing a good topic for the college admission essay is like the foundation stone that will enable you to build a high-quality piece of writing.

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Here are 2 examples of topics that you should try to avoid.

  1.     Dating Problems:

Your love life is a good topic to discuss with your friend, but not with the admission committee. The college committee will not be interested in your dating challenges, but rather in what defines you as a person and makes you a good fit for this academic institute.

  1.     Sports:

While sports aren’t bad in general, talking about sports isn’t that creative. You want the readers of your essay to feel that they’re reading something unique, and every college student has probably practiced some kind of sports in their life.

Choosing a good topic isn’t that difficult. Make sure that you spend some time thinking about how you want to present yourself to the person reading your essay as this will enable you to impress them.

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