The first simulation of United Nations General Assembly of Aidi School was a total success!

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Aidi School have held their first simulation of United Nations General Assembly. Together, students explored this new concept, where they had to brainstorm with their colleagues and try to get across what they think when they hear the United Nations.


It wasn’t only the students participating and the organizational staff who reaped the benefits of this exercise, but the Secretary General of the model association has also learnt a great deal from this activity. We spoke with some of the people who wanted to share their experiences and feelings.


Student President Of Language Center , Zheng Qian:

This is my first year as President of the Language Centre. I participated in the exercise and chose to take part in the English speaking team in order to practice my English ability. Before this activity I was, in fact, unfamiliar with the news around this subject and organization wasn’t very aware of what the UN really meant. On behalf of the Netherlands, I discussed the issue of refugees with other delegates so I had to do a lot of research before the participating and as a result, I’ve learnt so much about that situation in Europe and other related issues.


In terms of their willingness to accept refugees, the Netherlands are relatively weak in the debate.  Because I had to think on my feet, my mind became much more agile in just a short time of the process of attending the meeting.  I made great changes as at first I needed to prepare in advance of seeing the draft so that I could debate my point of view to the other representatives in several debates.


Chen Liangzhu, Secretary of the United Nations High School, grade 12:

Some of the students were nervous before they took part, largely because this is a very serious and competitive debating environment. Despite this, they all tried to convey their views bravely even if they weren’t so confident. I hope that we can use our predecessors’ experience to do more preparation for the development of the club. We will share to them what we learn so that they have the opportunity to go out of school maybe even to the United States!


Mold Association teacher Li:

We have set up a total of three parliaments in order to discuss three controversial issues in the simulation of the United Nations General Assembly. Among them, the issues of European refugees and water pollution were discussed for the UK team, and the establishment of a nuclear free zone in the Middle East was discussed by the Chinese representatives. Holding the first model conference on campus was a great challenge for us. But we all overcame the difficulties and held this event successfully! I believe that we will hold more in the future, in order to continue to challenge ourselves and our students in this way!


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