The future of Education:

It can be seen as a question mark, related to the future of economy the
future of society and the future of culture combined all together into
the way we live and the way we learn outside school doors.

Nowadays we are learning more outside school/university than inside. Yes, you
spend maybe 18 years in school and the rest of your life out side
school, so we need to think that the way we learn outside school, that
is a free way full of choices, trends and options, it will be the way
we will learn inside school.

You can see currently all the "new" trends in the schools, are just "adapted" trends that already hit the
culture, society and economy and where chosen and standards: mobile
phones, cameras, voIP, touch screens, laptops, enhanced management
systems, security, converged networks, cloud computing, business
analytics, etc.

The future of education will be the way we learn nowadays outside school, the future will be combining intelligently
"smart" arts with IT with business, all the sciences converged into one
focus, which is communication.

HQ Movies, 3D MORPG games, Virtual Reality, combined with Realtime Speech recognition, GPS, RFID,
and touch, smell, 3D visual sensitive devices will enhance
communication and rely on distributed networks and open standards
through all the levels of the infrastructure, applications and end
points. Connecting all emotions in a real-time collaborative world,
that will be able to react faster and integrated to treats, challenges,
and limits, making the world better, fair and united. Replacing
personal opinions for automated decisions, learning all together and
not by regions, cities or religions; deeply affecting governments,
culture, and society of the citizens of the future.

Juan Pablo Napoli
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

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Comment by Juan Pablo Napoli on April 4, 2010 at 8:23am
Hi Alana, Thanks for the nice words and the amazing energy you put on me, I felt overjoyed with the idea of having a group of people looking at the future with the education as a tool for tracing with artistic thoughts what our future generations will experience.
Count with me if there is space available for a member that could offer fresh ideas and some corporate experience in the field on this fantastic topic that is our education.
Reach my at my personal e-mail if you would. jpnapoli(at)
Juan Pablo
Comment by E. Alana James on April 4, 2010 at 4:59am
I loved reading your ideas Juan. I am part of a group that facilitate an international discussion called The Future(s) of Education project: We found after our first year that when we boiled down all that we had learned, including the competencies ideas that have been adopted in New Zealand and elsewhere that the next continuum we may want to discuss is where we stand on student driven vs educator driven curriculum and process. Your ideas seem to fit. We are now recruiting new team leaders to host three meetings of others interstesd in their local area. We believe that education needs flexibility and new designs - then the local groups add to the webworld and everyone benefits.

How do we prepare our young people to thrive in the world they will inherit? A world we cannot imagine?

Comment by Juan Pablo Napoli on March 31, 2010 at 7:14am
Hi Adam, thanks for the interest :-)
I think my Science Fiction soul took over my pen in the last sentence, but even if we both agree nothing is written or sure, we can easily extrapolate that the over accelerating evolution process of technology is changing the world we live, and as the planet is linear and scarce (as said in my favorite video, you will find that very soon a global governance has to be put in place, forced by the lack of global resources (food, water, energy, livestock, air, etc), we been looking at the other side for so long, in the push of more and new technology and comfort, and created a overinflated bubble of needs that cannot maintain itself without the proper governance.
Technology is taking the lead in showing how companies can auto-regulate through business process management and automation, business rules, open standards, nowadays managers has very little of innovators, but most of administrative workers just pushing the buttons by the company book, even CEOs has to follow guidelines and government restrictions (specially in the US and UK), well that will extrapolate to governments, cause organizations are becoming the new type of governments in a capitalist world, and they are country, religion, and culture agnostic organizations that veils only on economic measurements, and people more and more become "cost" on that process rather than resources, cause they make decisions others already made successfully in the past, and not always following the successful path.

In summary:
- Unification of infrastructure (networking, virtualization, open standards, etc
- Unification of application stack (internet as a platform, web 2.0, open source, ERPs, etc)
- Lower cost of Infrastructure and applications (Software, SO and Infrastructure as a service)
- Explosion of data (web cams, mobile phones, chat, mails, blogs, speech-text-speech, 3d worlds)
- Global real time awareness (Data Analytic, Social networks, mashups, GPS, RFIDs)
- Global Process awareness (eGovernment, European Union, international trade, internet law, copyright)
- Global Education (eInclusion programmes, professional development, education continuum)
- Artificial Intelligence and High end computing is already controlling automatically world critical mission systems (NASDAQ, nuclear plants, transatlantic oil tank cargo ships, even the car you are driving every day)

Is just a matter of time ... :)

Juan Pablo
Comment by Adam Bostock on March 31, 2010 at 3:54am
I like the sound of your last paragraph Juan. A brave new world, perhaps. I hope a new form of collaborative intelligence may emerge that gives us the equivalent of a human supercomputer - imagine many minds working on an intellectual challenge... :-)

Do you have any ideas or visions for how this may progress?

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