Now Its Evident that the world knows India became the superior labor power for software and information technology, contributing more than 65% of entire youth population in india are now serving as IT Labors for foreign countries.

Yielding over 5.2 trillion dollars income every year for many multinational companies, India has the world’s cheapest labor for IT And software applications.

“This is all possible with the “follow the goat” tradition that india habits from beginning. When one of the fellow graduate finds a better financial benefits with IT Industry, many others follow him and finally it grew into having over 25 billion population now serving as IT servants. Morever, more changes of migrating to other countries within IT has made them follow this path” says Kiran Chitmalla of IndiaTrainings, A Leading IT Training institute that rooted india to achieve such humongous statistics.

We Want every indian to be a IT Power and sharpen their software skills and contribute to the country’s economic growth, He Added.

Overall, we can say Indians living in every nook and corner of every country, every region and every town.

The IT Industry never dies unless the businesses themselves dies, & Indians never stop populating and infact we are yet to overtake chinese population in coming years and so chances are we’ll be taking dominance on the IT World.

Major skills that are now served by Indians including programming python, c etc and development technologies like PEGA, HADOOP etc


The Happiest news is that without being compromising for Being IT servants at a lower grade, Today Indians took place in superior roles such as CEO, CFO, Director of major companies like google, Microsoft, pepsico which is a highly appreciable aspect.

For More information on How Indiatrainings contributed to india’s IT Labor growth, visit

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