Every year students across the nation prepare for various standardized tests. Many of these students feel that they have no other option than topay exorbitant amounts of money for in-class test prep courses to ready themselves for their exam. Traditional in-class courses are located in central, highly-trafficked areas and are taught by different instructors with varying credentials who set the pace of the course to the median of the class. This leads to students feeling left behind and frustrated because they’ve wasted too much time getting to and from an in-class prep course whose instructor and materials do not optimize their score—not to mention the high price tag that these courses are usually set at.


All is not lost, however. A new wave of education technology has not only revolutionized, but also democratized test prep.  Test prep companies are quickly identifying that the issues innate to traditional in-class prep courses can be remedied through technology. For example, TestMax, a test prep company focused on solving the deficiencies of traditional in-class courses, has created app-based test prep courses for the SAT, LSAT and bar exam—SATMax, LSATMax and BarMax, respectively. All of TestMax’s courses are available in the Apple App Store and can be accessed on all iOS devices. Offering students their prep course in the form of an app assuages all the major problems that are innate to traditional in-class courses.


App-based prep courses allow students complete customization and adaptability of their course. No longer will students have to waste time in traffic going to and from their courses. Their course is ready to begin at the touch of the screen. Further, students can watch their lectures at times that work best for them, e.g. after work, after school, in-between meetings, etc. If a student wants to re-watch a lecture, spend extra time on a subject, or skip a lecture they are already familiar with, they can. Their course is adaptable to their needs.


In addition, many app-based and online courses provide constant analytics of each student’s progress. The course can continually tracka student’s work and understanding of the material. This allows students to constantly be on top of their prep, knowing exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are.


In-class prep instructors do not have the time to answer every student’s individual questions. Students are forced to pay more money for additional time with their instructors. With these new app-based courses, students can post all their questions to message boards and receive personalized explanations from their instructors. And due to the low overhead of the course, these classes are offered at a fraction of the cost of competitors.


It’s clear that technology will be creating a new wave of expectations for test prep companies. Test prep courses should not only be of the highest quality, but they should also be customizable, convenient and affordable for all students. As companies like TestMax increase, the world of test prep will see a huge change for the better.

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Comment by Smith Baker on August 9, 2014 at 2:54am

Now Teachers often have the opportunity to develop strong organizational skills as well as the ability to work alongside people from a range of backgrounds and overcome cultural boundaries. Candidates who have experience of this nature often posses a wider skill set thanks to their time managing large groups, working independently and planning lessons.

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