Businesses that trade on Amazon in most cases confuse product reviews and seller feedback. They know that gaining five stars is excellent, but they forget that product reviews and seller ratings perform different parts on an Amazon platform.

“Product ratings are impersonal and allow the consumer to see that the product that they are purchasing is of high quality. Seller ratings and seller feedback are two of the vital necessities to ensure a business is getting the most out of trading on Amazon.“

The ratings you get as a seller is very essential when doing business on platforms like Amazon as it gives you the enablement to create your “authority” as a seller.

Without considering how you view your business on Amazon, your identity and reputation as a seller is a brand in itself on Amazon. The very first thing that a good business person needs to make sure of is “trust” when it comes to branding.

Think about this whole idea of “rating” in connection with websites. Websites that have been existing for long, and especially those that have various links pointing to it and has a good amount of traffic, are seen by search engines as “authority sites” for their niche.

The importance of seller ratings is priceless for various reasons.

They connect the business to the customer

All written feedback can be used positively, even if the buyer didn’t have a positive experience. Seller ratings allow a company to differentiate between what customers like and what needs to improve, and what they need to change to increase seller ratings and drive more traffic to the products.

Seller feedback also allows the business to communicate directly with the consumer and gives other potential consumers the opportunity to follow the conversations, growing respect the professional conduct and care the industry is showing.

They increase consumer confidence

Customers will instantly trust a store with high seller reviews from numerous people at varying locations. Excellent product reviews are also a great way to boost consumer confidence.

They help segment a business

Seller ratings and reviews allow a company to identify the advantages and disadvantages of their products, what consumers delight in, and what to stock or put off in future.

It is possible for a business to increase their seller reviews by employing simple, yet effective, marketing tactics such as contacting a customer directly post-purchase and using strong language.


Customers can express their minds about the product

Although products can for sure be a representation of the seller’s brand, it is impossible for a seller to ensure satisfaction with every item sold. Personal choices and preferences, inaccurate sizing or unrealistic anticipations can result in dissonance.

Amazingly, this platform (Amazon) distinguishes between customer reviews and seller ratings. A negative comment about the item in the form of a review is typically not a source of worry to the seller than a negative feedback. By providing two different forums for customers to share their opinions, sellers are able to secure and maintain their reputations.

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