The Importance of Tracking Continuing Education Credits

As a dentist, completing regular continuing education credits is vital to renewing your licence to practice in many states across the US. The process of tracking continuing education credits is important so you know how many credits you have completed. You don’t want to reach a stage where you have many credits to do before an impending licence renewal. These education credits are also vital for learning new techniques and skills.



There are often many applicants for each position, so it is important to set yourself apart from the competition. It is common for each applicant to have a similar, if not the same, degree, so in order for you to stand out from the crowd, having a good amount of continuing education credits is vital and could give you the upper hand over another applicant who doesn’t have this. If you have completed a lot more credits than the minimum, it will show your interviewer that you have a positive work ethic, that is keen to learn and highly motivated to develop your skills. Recruiters will be looking for this ethic of going above the call of duty, as they will reason that you will transfer this thought process to your new job.


Why Else Should You Do These Credits?


Continuing Education Credits are great for keeping up to date with the latest techniques within the dental industry. If you qualified 30 years ago for example, without these continuing education credits, you may not be aware of the more modern techniques available to dentists and you won’t be able to offer as good a standard of dental care as someone who knows these modern techniques.



When completing these continuing education credits, it is vitally important to network with other dentists. You never know, a brief meeting with another dentist could result in a new opportunity or promotion elsewhere. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how strong word of mouth plays in the recruitment process in the dental industry.  Oh, and we know that working in the dental industry can be busy and finding time to mix with others can be hard, so this is an excellent opportunity to do so.

We’ve only briefly outlined the benefits of completing continuing education credits, so make sure you get started with these credits to ensure your licence renews and your career will progress. For more information, check out   


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