The Necessity of Engaging a Dallas Worker's Compensation Doctor

One of the initial steps in the process of pursuing a worker's compensation claim when injured in the workplace of a Dallas-area federal agency is a medical examination ordered by the Office of Worker's Compensation Programs, or OWCP. This process underscore the necessity of you obtaining a workers comp doctor Dallas if you are involved in this type of claim.

Overview of the Office of Worker's Compensation

The OWCP is responsible for overseeing programming related to workplace injuries in certain federal governmental agencies. It is a division within the U.S. Department of Labor. As part of that effort, the OWCP routinely requires an injured worker to submit to a medical examination by a physician associated with the agency.

OWCP Medical Evaluation

Time and again, evaluations undertaken by a doctor affiliated by the OWCP result in reports made by doctors that minimize, at least to some degree, the injuries sustained by a worker. Obviously, this does not work to your benefit. You need an honest assessment of your injuries and condition in order to be certain to obtain the level of worker's compensation necessary.

Your Medical Evaluation

Under federal worker's compensation law, you have the right to obtain your own medical evaluation as part of pursuing your own claim. Your immediate thought may be to use your own primary care physician to obtain an evaluation and report for the purposes of your worker's compensation claim. However, that is not necessarily the best course.

The best course is to engage the services of a Dallas worker's compensation doctor, a specialist familiar with the workings of the OWCP. These physicians have experience in having to address a report from an agency doctor that minimize the extent of injuries sustained by a person in your position.

This doctor can undertake an evaluation of your injuries and prepare an appropriate report. In addition, a worker's comp doctor understands how to frame a report to ensure that your injuries properly are presented to and considered by the agency. 

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