The Perfect Commercial Lender Training Course

If you are searching for a commercial lender training course, there are hundreds of available to you. A 

quick online search will yield tons of results that can be overwhelming to sift through. How do you choose a 

training course that will help you succeed in the commercial lending field? What makes one course better than another? Since everyone learns differently, you will want to consider what course is right for YOU rather than which course looks the best at a glance. There are a few things that you should consider when looking for the perfect commercial lender training course.


Location, Location, Location.


Lender training courses can be taken online or in person and they will vary quite a lot from one another. An online lender training course will likely require more time studying the material on your own than an on location class. For some people it is easier to learn when information is given to them in person. Others learn better when they are free to study on their own time. You should consider the type of course that will suite your learning style and your schedule before choosing.


Commercial Lender Training Course Syllabus


Commercial lender training should not only teach you how to be a business loan broker, but you should also learn how to run a business in general, how to talk to clients, and how to network with other lenders. Be prepared to learn how to calculate loan amounts, interest rates and commissions. A great commercial lender training course will offer marketing materials that you can use for your business. A really great course will offer personalized documents, training materials and a website to get you started. Some training even provides mentoring in your home state and city which allows you to obtain on-the-job experience. You should look for courses that are taught by professionals, people with real experience in the field of commercial lending.


Time Commitment


Commercial lender training courses are generally 3 - 10 days long and will require your undivided attention for that period of time. If you find a course that is less than 3 days long, you can usually be sure that this course is not going to give you the training that you will need for success. After the initial training, you should expect to continue learning for another 6 months or even a year. This is where having a mentor comes in handy. Choose a course that provides you with some type of continued support after initial training is complete. Your success will be a continual learning experience throughout the course of your career. When choosing the right commercial lender training course, it is important to know that your training should never really come to an end.


Getting Started


After your courses are complete, you will be ready to start funding businesses and creating your network. Your commercial lender training course should offer a lending network to get you started and it should also offer business materials like branded documents and checklists. Make sure that your mentor is on speed dial because you will likely have questions and will need advice when just starting out. If your training course does not offer a mentoring program or continuing education, you can often find someone to shadow by reaching out to seasoned brokers for help. Remember, this is a business of people and by asking for help, you are revealing your humanity and in turn, building trust.


Commercial Lender Marketing


You will find that there are many courses available for commercial lender training. Each will have features that are appealing to you. The key is to find a course that is not only tailored to your learning style, but one that offers everything you need for success.


The perfect commercial lender training course is out there, you just have to know what to look for and what you want to get out of it. The Commercial Loan Broker Institute is a great place to get your questions answered and to learn more about different types of commercial lender training courses. The decision to become a commercial loan broker should not be taken lightly and you should get serious training to obtain serious success.

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