At present, we are seeing a lot of innovations combining web 2.0 and Education. There is a new social network .com or platform coming up every day. I, as a teacher wonder which one will make a difference to my teaching and work as an effective collaborative online resource for students and teachers?

With some research, I have identified an good online collaborative learning platform . Here, you can see teachers and students learning together and fantastic use of Web2.0. FunnelBrain and flashcards in general has been gaining a lot of popularity in the recent past with experts contributing and active student participation in groups and social way. I have tested it for sometime now and it has proven to be very effective with my students. It creates an environment for students to have an interactive experience and also with its collaborative approach helps students memorize better with techniques such as quizzes and flash cards

With all the innovation in online education, it is a matter of time that the universities leverage it to create a platform for effective education. There are a few universities already adopting to this, like Virginia Tech and Ohio State which uses a hybrid model of online and traditional school approach. I hope this becomes a norm rather than an exception.

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