Things you must know to become a planning practitioner with a MUP degree

Introducing MUP


As the name suggests Master of Urban Planning is all about making professional who will be responsible for taking care of urban development projects. This course is generally designed by school of architects or other public service institutions. For getting enrollment a student must have one bachelor’s degree of a relevant field. Another aspect that is looked over while giving one enrollment is that they must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher to qualify for the same. The whole course is modeled over making city architecture better and more efficient in all the ways. This includes the road planning, building construction and other realms associated with the health of any urban location. All the corners are covered which are responsible for ensuring improved face of any city. This course supports open thinking and encourages every individual to open up and come forward with their vision. Theories are challenged everyday for reaching the next higher level and hence it is a subject which is evolving every day competing with the evolution of human society. The amalgamation of visual, financial, political and technological aspects are taught with precision so that in real field, they pick the best out of each for delivering the finest end-result.


Individuals develop analytical skills and understand to see things from both local and international point of view. Unbiased view is essential for being a successful planning practitioner. All these come with Master of Urban Planning degree. As United States are the major hub for most of the students globally for this course you must know what to look for while enrollment. The course must be PAB accredited, please visit the Planning Accreditation Board website for more info. Know the top names in US offering the MUP course from the Wiki page


The Detailed Program Coursework


Like every prestigious degrees around the globe this one too has its extensive line-up of chapters to be gone through. Only when one perfects their hold over each of these domains they are truly entitled to be called a MUP degree holder. Understanding each of these importances and finding the link in-between each one of them and stitching them together to relate to the broad subject matter is the true meaning of this course. Most of the master degree program calls for thesis submission. Few of the courses are:


  • Structure of cities
  • Public financing
  • Planning negotiations
  • Land use for transportation
  • International sustainable living


Master of Urban Planning course has much to talk about and more to know about. If one truly wishes to go further in this line they must be at content knowing that career prospects are brilliant. Let’s talk more on this.


Career Prospect


As per the data shared by U.S. Department of Labor Statistics (BLS) jobs related to urban and regional planning are on rise. It’s being estimated to register a 16% rise in between 2010 and 2020. In the year 2012 only $65,230 annually was earned by urban and regional planners just as salary. These data must be convincing enough for one to get dancing on their toes. 

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