Things You Realise After Being at Uni For a Year

After just a few months at university, many students realise things that they never anticipated. You'll learn about people, studying, being away from home and who your real friends are, among many other important lessons.

1. It makes a difference where you shop

When you're trying to save a few pennies here and there, it can really make a difference where you shop. If your parents have looked after all the food shopping up until now, you won't realise this until you actually move away and start buying your own groceries. You'll probably find that you will travel a little further to go to a supermarket where you can save some money.

2. You can study for a day without having slept the night before

Your parents will tell you constantly that you need to make sure you get enough sleep, but we all know by now that this never happens to students. Luckily, it's actually possible to study and function for a whole day (just about!) without having had any sleep whatsoever the night before. You might even feel more awake after zero hours in the land of nod.

3. Being alone is nice

Before you went to university, the thought of having lots of friends surrounding you all the time was probably an idea that really appealed to you. After a year with them, you've realised that as much as you love your friends, it's nice to be alone sometimes too. Hiding away in your room doesn't make you unsociable – it just means that we all need nothing but our own company sometimes.

4. You should never take your parents for granted

After doing pretty much everything for yourself for a year now, including all your laundry and washing dishes, you'll realise that you should never have taken your parents for granted. Apart from giving you pocket money as you were growing up and looking out for you on a daily basis, they made sure you had food to eat every day that was actually edible, and you never had to worry about clean clothes, let alone towels!

5. You shouldn't leave things lying around

Even though you thought nobody could possibly want that old wooden spoon, one of your flatmates took it and now you'll never see it again. It's not just valuables that you should be careful with while you're at university - who knows what students in desperation will do in a time of need?!

6. Waiting for your student loan is worse than waiting for Santa Claus

Remember those cold winter nights before Christmas Day when you'd try to stay awake as long as you could just to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus? The anticipation and excitement you felt, which was only heightened upon waking up and receiving your gifts. You've now realised that waiting for your student loan and then finally seeing your bank balance drastically increase overnight is way better than anything Christmas could have ever brought.

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