Three Features that a Home Education Platform Should Have

Parents who decide to homeschool their children should do so only after researching the available options and finding a platform that can provide the education and support that they will need to achieve their goals. While there are many factors to consider in this decision, the following three are significant and should be included in the discussion when determining which school to work with.

Accreditation is a feature that the very best online homeschools have acquired through the platform they are with. This is an important characteristic because it indicates that the school has performed its due diligence to meet established standards that are recognized by other schools at the same level and more importantly, by colleges and universities. The accreditation applies to the curriculum, teaching methods, personnel certifications and continuous learning opportunities and this must be renewed every so often to confirm the school is still meeting those standards. Public schools typically have this but if you are looking for a private Christian school then you need to confirm this on the website or through conversation with the admissions staff.

Stability is important for kids as well as building on a solid foundation so when you can start and graduate with the same online homeschool then it is much easier to handle the documentation and keep track of progress. Be sure the platform you select offers kindergarten through graduation grades so that your kids (regardless of what grade they are in) can all work with the same institution at their level. Some schools will only go through 8th grade which means that you have to perform the search process all over again, coordinate transferring the records and hoping that the transition is smooth where the information is similar from school to school. Otherwise, the student could have issues trying to adjust to the new school, their online portal and the information in the textbooks.

A third feature that is a ‘must’ is the portability and flexibility of the program. One of the top benefits of homeschooling is the ability for the student to complete work at their own pace within an overall time frame. Online homeschools should provide a student portal that is user friendly, presents each class in an organized manner that builds on itself and a feature that allows them to see the progress and grade on how they are doing. The portal should also be accessible from either a computer, laptop or tablet to accommodate the family’s situation and budget.

Make the decision to learn at home a family discussion and find a platform that will make the experience exciting and fun for them to learn. There are tools and resources to help new homeschool parents out with questions, ideas on how to create an organized classroom/schedule and other things to consider in the process. Homeschooling is a successful method that has sent many students on to college to pursue their dreams with successful results because they had an education with the above features designed for their benefit.

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