Tips & Tricks to Pass a VMware VCP 5.5 Certification Exam

The VMware Certified Professional (VCP) title, which is the baseline certification from VMware, can provide many told and untold benefits in the IT industry. These include but are not limited to recognition in the industry for certified professionals, increments in salary on a regular basis, validation of your skills and respect from your colleagues, seniors and peers. Other tangible benefits include the right of inclusion of the VCP logo on websites and business cards, complimentary official licence for the VMware Workstation 8, etc. So here’s your guide to successfully clear the VMware 5.5 Certification exam and avail the many benefits that follow.

It is important to the VMware Education course, before taking the VCP exam, unless you are already a VCP. This course can be taken online or through classroom learning sessions. The VCP 5.5 Certification exam is the latest update to the VMware certification and there are various routes that can be taken to achieve the certification based on your current VMware certification.

The first trick to ace the VCP 5.5 exam is to fully understand the nature and format of the exam so that you are fully prepared. VCP exams generally consist of a short pre-exam survey that has eight questions followed by the main exam with 85 questions. The official exam blueprint is available on the VMware website to get the actual idea about the exam format.

In your VMware 5.5 training sessions, your instructor will often give you mock exams so that you are able to practice timing yourself for the main exam. The time allotted to complete the VCP 5.5 exam is 90 minutes and a 100-500 scale determines your final score. You need a minimum score of 300 to clear the exam.

Successful completion of the VMware training and the subsequent VCP 5.5 exam ensures that a candidate is able to:-

1)      Specialize in the planning, installation, configuration and upgradation of the vCenter Server and VMware ESXi.

2)      Deal with planning and configuration of the vSphere networking and Vsphere storage.

3)      Aid in deployment and administration of virtual machines and vApps.

4)      Aid in the establishment and maintenance of service levels

5)      Troubleshoot basic problems and issues

6)   Show expertise in the monitoring of vSphere implementation and management of vCenter Server alarms.

So what exactly has to be studied?

Experts in VMware claim that the best training for the VCP 5.5 Certification Exam comes from practical, hand-on experience. Candidates are best advised to build lab environments and use vSphere in its latest version.

Most aspirants attest to the fact that most of the theoretical applications of the software were not asked in the exam, rather the practical experience gained through actual use of vSphere came in handy for successful clearance of the VMware training and subsequent certification exam.

Koenig Solutions offers world class VMware training facilities to help candidates successfully clear the VCP 5.5 exam through theoretical learning as well as practical applications. To know more about its various VMware 5.5 training programs visit and share your experiences of taking the exam in the comments below.



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