Top 4 reasons why the theatre is still important in the 21st century

We are living in an age of technological advances and sometimes it gets very difficult to turn off our phones and find ways to unwind and yet enrich our experience. Going to the theatre entails an arena of benefits and is the one place where we can forget about everything and go back to what it means to be human. It is a sort of home for us and there are various reasons why it still matters today.

It educates people

Going to see a play in the theatre has numerous educational benefits. It teaches us about what humanity truly is. We also learn about people, places and ideas. In addition, it enables us to experience history in a completely different way than when we learn it at school. It gives us the feeling of being present and a part of what’s happening before us and it blurs the border between reality and that particular moment in time, at least as long as the play lasts.

It fosters creativity

Art is of utmost importance in our lives for it enables us to make the most of the time we have and it spreads our horizons. The theatre is a great way of promoting art and helps us develop our creativity, which is an essential asset of one’s personality. It is our creativity that helps us understand the world and see it in its real light and the theatre is there to teach and get our creative juices flowing. Cennarium enables its users to watch the greatest theatrical performances from all over the world thus aiding the process of globalization. It also ensures that borders between nations and people disappear thus stressing that art belongs to everyone and that creativity needs to be fostered in every part of our planet.

It brings about social change

Just like literature, the theatre possesses the immense ability to ensure that social change takes place in our world. When we sit and watch a play, we gets immersed in a reflection of the events happening outside its rooms and try to see things from a different perspective so as to be able to understand them better. Plays feature social problems which exist years after they have been put to page. Shakespearean plays are a case in point. The issues of justice, gender inequality, immigration and prejudice are still burning topics, just as they were when the bard decided to write some of his most famous plays.

It enriches our personality

The theatre is a gateway to learning about what it means to be human. It shows us our core values and it develops our mind and soul. When we encounter diversity in plays, we learn to welcome all that is not like us as well as to be open-minded. Working on our personality is the only way to become powerful people who never shy away from expressing our opinions and beliefs as well as to learn to respect and take into consideration those opinions that fail to coincide with ours.

By watching plays and getting lost in the moment, we learn to escape the transience of our daily routines and enrich every possible aspect of our lives.

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