Top 5 Fine arts degrees colleges or schools in the UK

Since the previous two decades, arts and design have become one of the most competitive fields of study in the British universities accounting for about 6 applications for each place at the topmost institutions. 

The field of sturdy, arts also boasts of about 89% chances of getting a job at the end of the study duration which is a huge factor that contributes to the level of competitiveness. The bad side of this level of competition is that it propels students to take up huge debts to pay for enrolment and buy materials because they believe there will be job at the end of it all but most at times, this is not so because of ever-growing level of competition in the arts and design sector of the labor force.

Internationally, the United Kingdom is very notable for providing content driven and innovation and research have driven environment for studying arts and design. As a result, domestic and foreign scholars troop in their tens of thousands to get a slot to study arts in the UK.

You can find a list of the top 5 universities and colleges to study arts in the United Kingdom graded according to the quality of programs obtainable and ranking in the Guardian University Guide.

Top five art degree universities and colleges schools in the UK:

1. University College London:

The University College London is a renowned public research university based in London rated as one of the leading universities in the world. Its school of arts known as the Slade School of Arts established in 1871 is known the world over and is almost always ranked as the best educational institution for the study of arts and design in the United Kingdom. The Slade School of Arts is organized as a department of University College London's Faculty of Arts and Humanities which offers provision for two undergraduate academic programs which are: the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Fine Arts all in Fine Art; and post-graduate academic programs which are two Master’s degree programs in the Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts and the MPhil/PhD in Fine Art. The university also offers provision for affiliate student programs at any level.

2. Newcastle University

The Newcastle University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is the largest of the three faculties in the institution. The school of Fine Arts in the faculty has been continuously ranked within the best ten in the world and also as one of the best schools of arts in the U.K by the Guardian and also the Complete University Guide national rankings with the School of Arts and Culture contributing strongly to the universities accolades. The school boasts of offering a multidisciplinary dimension to the research and teaching of arts and culture in three core areas of fine arts, media, and culture.

3. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is one of the oldest universities in the world, believed to start operation in the year 1096. The Oxford University’s school of arts known as the Ruskin school of arts started operation in 1871 when John Ruskin first opened his School of Drawing, the School has enjoyed a variety of guises, and an ever-growing reputation. It boasts of an outstanding learning and research environment which fosters a closer work-driven interaction between contemporary artists, art historians, and theorists.  The Ruskin School of Art provides an exceptional environment where...

4. Oxford Brookes

Oxford Brookes University is another public university based in Oxford, which originated from the defunct Oxford School of Art established in 1865. The university is much notable for their School of Architecture which is one of the largest in Britain. The Oxford Brookes School of Arts boasts of creating a research and learning environment where creative practitioners and writers on arts and culture interact closely to create a stimulating environment. The school offers provision for courses that combine the academic rigor of traditional programs with practical and vocational components in core areas of arts and designs, film and digital media, music, and publishing. Oxford Brookes offer certificate programs that range from Foundation in Art and Design, undergraduate programs in Fine Art and the Master of Fine Arts.

5. University of Leeds

The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures is home to the School of Design, the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies and the School of Performance and Cultural Industries among other schools. The Faculty boasts of recently playing key roles in the development of cross-institutional degrees, which includes Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, and offers one of the widest ranges of joint honors degrees in the country. At the post-graduate level, the school offers both classroom-based and research-oriented postgraduate degrees in areas like Master of Arts, Master of Arts in Research and Ph.D. 

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