Top Places to Live and Study in the UK

The idea of going to a foreign country to study can be very exciting, but the moment you start making real plans, it may also become difficult.

If you have made the decision to study in the UK, you now have another big decision ahead of you. There are so many beautiful cities it may be hard to choose where to go!   

When making a final choice you should contemplate which place that fits your needs and personality. For example, if you’re not a fan of big cities, don’t go to a crowded place. You will just feel overwhelmed.  

These top four cities to study in the UK undoubtedly have something exciting for everyone:

The Capital’s Charm

London is one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world. It has endless opportunities for entertainment and fun. Apart from that it’s a wonderful place to study. There are so many prestigious schools and institutes you may be spoilt for choice.  

One of the most important factors is the diversity of the city. It is difficult to feel lonely or bored. The number of different shops with imported products and exotic restaurants opens up new opportunities to try international foods and connect with foreign cultures. You will probably also be able to find people from your own country.

As with many other European capitals, London has its own fascinating social life. Evenings filled with gallery openings and gatherings of friends in SOHO are just a few examples of how cosmopolitan it can be.  

And although London is often called the most expensive city there are still many things to do on your student budget.

Scottish Adventure

If you have always been fascinated by Great Highland Bagpipes and Scottish tradition you should absolutely consider Edinburgh. The Scottish capital has plenty of famous universities and high level educational opportunities.  

This picturesque city is surrounded by breath-taking landscape with mountains and villages. Every year the new students who arrive are impressed by the symbolic castle standing proudly in the middle of the city. There are also numerous cultural and sporting events. If you’re still not sure about the place, wait until the Edinburgh Festival; it will put all of your doubts to rest.  

Midlands Treasure

Even if you’ve never visited Nottingham, you have probably heard about Robin Hood and his story. This beautiful city invites students to come and seek new career prospects and educational opportunities.

This historic city is famous for its bicycle and tobacco industry. All year round there are different events that attract tourists and create entertainment for the local community. Start your sightseeing tour with Nottingham Castle and Sherwood Forest and then move on to the famous Lace Market.

If you decide to live here, you will have plenty of places to choose from for a night out or delicious dinner with friends.

Happy City

Sheffield is another place in the UK that combines university life and fun. Its beautiful architecture and landscape built on seven hills is truly worth seeing. The city has everything you need to enjoy student life.

It’s a great place to live and enjoy a laid-back ambiance and easy going style. There is always an exciting concert or interesting exhibition happening and if you’re planning a night out in the city, Sheffield won’t disappoint. You will have a big selection of cool bars and restaurants.

If you’re still unsure of where to go, consider taking a short tour of the UK. Stop off in a few possible university destinations to see what feels right before making your final decision.  

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