Top ten US universities for international students

The U.S. is a hot and top favourite for international students seeking to pursue high quality education and it offers a wide variety of highly reputed and resource rich universities to choose from. However, there are a few which are rated the best and have a huge competition between highly competitive and motivated aspirants for enrolment. Your admission essay needs to be impeccable and so it is strongly recommended you take help from qualified yet cheap essay writers so that your chances of getting accepted are high. For after all, what can be more prestigious and a life-long label to cherish, then to have a Harvard or Yale tag attached to your name?


The universities are themselves competing to get the crème de la crème and their rankings are based on many factors. It is a challenge to get into one of these universities. On the basis of a few reports, the top 10 universities for international studies as per a number of websites (not in order) are compiled below.


The rankings are based on number of international student enrolment, conditions which are conducive to the needs of international students, specialised services dedicated to helping them adjust and adapt to the new environment as well as the heterogeneous mix of student population, which may help you in settling down more easily.


These are


1) Columbia
2) Stanford 
3) NYU

4) Cornell
5) University of Pennsylvania
6) MIT
7) Princeton
8) Harvard
9) Caltech
10) Penn State University

Out of these, Columbia, Cornell, Princeton and Harvard belong to the Ivy League, a prestigious and rather elite set of universities, rated amongst the world’s best and amongst the US’s oldest, with their history ranging back to colonial times. It takes a lot of hard work to get into Ivy League universities. Columbia is the oldest university in New York and is peculiarly famous for having produced more number of Nobel Prize winners than other Institutions. It is known for its research programs. Stanford University in California is famous for its research and teaching programs.

NYU in Brookhaven, New York is one of the largest private universities and caters to a large student population both within the U.S. and outside through outreach sites. Cornell is one of the universities of choice for international students as it is considered to have the most varied mix of students. University of Pennyslvania or UPenn as it is known, is another prestigious university, and known to have been founded by Benjamin Franklin. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is also very popular owing to its emphasis on science and technology.

Princeton and Harvard frequently compete for the top spot in the overall US university rankings. Harvard University is known for the highest amount of grants it provides to the needy students and is very reputed for its medical studies. Penn State University is known for its school of medicine. Caltech is another world famous research university known for its work in science and technology and is located in Los Angeles.

There are other universities which are also  rank high in the list of choices for international students and these include University of Southern California, University of South Carolina, University of Texas, University of Michigan and Purdue University. Ultimately, your scores and your financial ability will play a large role in determining where you choose to join and pursue.


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