Most car owners treasure their vehicles are though they were one of the family. While cars can encounter problems which are caused by age, weather or other factors which are out of your control, a lot of things can be done so that your car is preserved for as long as possible.

Look after your car in bad weather

One of the main reasons for cars rusting as time goes by is the fact that they are often left outside during the winter in the rain and snow. If you have a garage, make sure that you take the time to drive your car into it when the weather gets bad, and if you don't have any shelter for your vehicle, buy a protective cover to put over it.

Keep food out of your car

As tempting as it is to grab a sandwich as you leave the house to go to work or get some McDonald's food on the way back home, eating food in your car will only make it dirty and it could also end up smelling of old food. Of course, if you clean it out on a very regular basis, e.g once or twice per week, it won't affect your car too much, although the best thing is to keep food out altogether.

Put money aside for small jobs

Cars normally need a couple of small jobs done on them every year, so it's important that you have some cash put away in order to pay for this. It could be that your car needs a couple of tyres from National Tyres – all car tyres wear down after a while and need to be replaced. You might have to hold off on that New Star Diamonds bracelet or new Xbox game you had your eye on in order to pay for important jobs such as a new clutch or exhaust on your car.

Topping up is important

You need to check every couple of months to make sure that your car has enough oil and water. This is something that you should learn as soon as you get a car, since it's a very quick job that can be done easily by yourself. Every so often, your car will require an oil and filter change, and you'll have to take it to a professional for this, but regular top-ups can be done quite easily at home. 

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