Top Tips For Teachers Getting Ready For The New School Year

Now that summer is drawing to a close and the new school year is upon us, as a teacher it can be easy to feel overwhelmed at the thought of returning to the classroom, regardless of whether you’ve been teaching very long or not.


Here are the top tips for teachers getting ready for the new school year:


Reflect On The Previous Year


Start your school preparations by reflecting upon the previous school year. Actually sit down and make a list of everything that went well during that year as well as the things that could be improved upon for this year.


Carefully evaluate areas where you were successful with, whether you felt your lesson plans and curriculum were a good choice for your students, and any areas where a majority of the class seemed to struggle with.


Shop For Custom Stamps


There are many benefits for a teacher to personalize rubber stamps. You can use the stamps to quickly and efficient grade papers, letting students know if their work is good or if they need to make improvements, and marking books from the school library.


You can either go with personalized teacher stamps, or you can also go with custom stamps that feature smiley faces, apples, check marks, and so on.


Carefully Review Your Curriculum


You should get a copy of the curriculum for next year as soon as possible. Review this curriculum by yourself and then with your peers, and begin brainstorming learning activities and lesson plans. Speaking of lesson plans…


Write Your Lesson Plans Now


Don’t wait until the school year has begun to write your lesson plans. Actually start writing them now, or at least the plans for the first quarter of the school year. The beginning of the school year is going to be hectic as you get back into the swing of things, meet new students and their parents, and getting students acclimated to the class.


Gather The Necessary School Supplies


Now you’re going to need to start gathering the actual necessary supplies for the school year. You’re going to have to get quite resourceful in acquiring all of the necessities for the classroom, such as pens and pencils, erase markers, chalk, staplers, scissors, glue, construction paper, lined paper, storage bins, and of course your books.


Your best bet may be to shop online to see if you can buy items in bulk. You can also check out discount supply shops, the dollar store, or even thrift stores.


Getting Ready For The New School Year


Getting ready for the new school year will require you to prepare your lesson plans and assignments, prep your actual classroom, get to know the students, and psychologically preparing yourself for teaching over the new year.


But by keeping your preparations well organized, you’ll be able to avoid major stress and headaches, and most importantly you and your students will enjoy a year of school that should go by smoothly.

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