Top Tips For Teaching Online While On The Road

If you’re on an online educator who would very much like to travel the country in an RV or travel trailer while you work, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s perfectly possible to do so long as the school or university you work at does not require you to actually be on campus.


While you may have to do a few things different while teaching from an RV versus how you would doing so from your home, you’ll be glad to hear the fundamentals will still largely remain the same.


Here are the top tips for teaching online while on the road:


Schedule Your Teaching Times


The most important thing to do in regards to teaching online from an RV is to schedule your teaching times. Your schedule will dictate when you will be online and when you will be on the road driving.


At the beginning of each week, schedule the times when you be online to answer questions, write and respond to emails, grade essays and exams, and so on.


Have A Dedicated Workspace


The next most important thing for you to do will be to modify your RV so you’ll have a dedicated workspace. There are many ideas on sites such as on how you can do this.


Basically, you’ll just need a desk complete with an office chair, a computer, internet access, a printer, and everything else that you would have in an office at home.


Get To Know Your Students


Just you’re on the other side of the country and not engaging in any verbal communication with your students doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and get to know them. Not getting to know your students only means your odds of misunderstanding them go up dramatically, and their education may suffer as a result.


Give Plenty Of Feedback To Students


When scheduling your teaching times, be sure to schedule specific time where you’ll just focus on giving critical feedback to each of your students. Actually message them detailed notes on everything they’ve been doing right as well as in specific areas where they could improve, while providing suggestions and solutions for how they could do so. Student feedback is often the best thing you can do to help them improve, and this reflect better on you as a teacher as well.


Be Responsive


Make it a rule that you’ll respond to each email you receive from a student within at least twenty four hours at the minimum. This may prove difficult since you may not know if you’ll always have access to internet service, so plan ahead and make sure that you’ll always be within reach of a strong internet connection.


Teaching Online From Your RV

Teaching online from an RV isn’t just possible, it can be fun too. What’s more, is that while you’re teaching students from halfway across the country you’ll simultaneously be able to sight see some truly beautiful areas in the country. Hopefully the online teaching tips in this article will prove valuable to you.

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