Turkey: Top destination for abroad studies for international students

Turkey boasts of unique physical and spiritual features, and for this reason, it attracts everyone across the world. This country has a taste of two continents, Europe and Asia. It is more than just a bridge between these two continents. It is where the West and East meet. Turkey has been home to historical and cultural legacy and richness for many years, and succeeded in blending the cultures of the two continents. In addition, it has become a top destination for international students who want to pursue abroad studies because it offers them the following benefits. 

1. Scholarship opportunities

Many students, particularly in the current global era dream of studying abroad. The UNESCO shows that Turkey enrolled thousands of students for higher education in 2010 and it continues to enroll more students every year. The global market is very challenging but fortunately, Turkey is offering various scholarship opportunities to allow international students to pursue their careers. The State provides most of these scholarships.

2. A place to live in 

The study abroad experience requires students to do more than just attend a school in their chosen study abroad destination. Hence, you should first know where you are going to live when you are choosing your study abroad destination. Turkey boasts of small towns and cosmopolitan cities, and hence, it offers international students various cultural experiences. This country brings together different cuisines, cultures, lifestyles, people, and definitely different religions, and has served as the gate to the Eastern World of Western societies and Western World of Eastern cultures because of its unique location. Another factor that you need to consider when you want to study abroad is the weather in your preferred destination. Turkey has the perfect climate and geographical position, and hence, it will allow you to enjoy the beauties of all its four seasons. Three seas surround this country and for this reason, it is a perfect destination for skiing during winter, and swimming and sun during summer. 

3. Quality of education 

There has been a significant development in the quantity and quality of the higher education system in Turkey over the past few years. International students can now benefit from the wide variety of choices that Turkish universities offer. The international ranking lists also reflect the quality of the education system. Turkish universities are an important part of the education space in Europe because they specialize in offering high quality studies. The number of universities that offer programs taught in the English language such as finance, medicine, business, humanities, and engineering is increasing. Turkey offers international students diplomas that other countries recognize, and enables them to continue studying in other countries that have ECTS because it is not only a member of various international platforms but it is also part of the Process of Bologna. 

4. Cost of study and living

Another important consideration when you want to make your study abroad decision is the cost of living and study. The annual living expenses and tuition fees are much lower in Turkey as compared to other study abroad destinations. The rankings for the global cost of living by Mercer show that the metropolitan cities in Turkey appear at the bottom of the list of the most expensive cities.

If you have never considered Turkey a top study abroad destination, you should think again because the aforementioned benefits that it offers make it the perfect study abroad destination for you. Hence, if you are an adventurous traveling student, you should apply for an Turkish online visa so that you can go there and make your dreams come true.

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