Here are some types of teachers you should know about:

1. Teacher - screamer

This type of teachers is very common in universities. Such a person can be described as follows: it is constantly screaming in occasion and no reason, does not let anyone to reach him, and never helps students with the performance of a task that he sets.

You understand that this type of teachers are difficult to cope. However, difficult - this does not mean that it is impossible. Here there are several options. One of the most effective is the way "from above", ie when you combine a group and write a collective complaint on teacher in higher management. Believe me, it works, and in truth, the main thing - is to collect as many signatures as possible.

2. Teacher - nihilists

This type of the teacher is also greatly prevalent in universities. Why is this - hard to say, perhaps, to blame the low salaries, so that the teacher loses interest in students learning and by the behavior becomes almost similar to the students themselves. Such teachers like to talk on lessons about life, about politics. Frequently discuss with students various TV shows or propose essays to buy.

Students seem to be good. "Well, finally got a normal teacher" - students think. However, you should not deceive yourself about this liberal behavior of the teacher. Everything comes to an end sometimes.

So, if you got this type of a teacher, I do not advise you to play on his nerves. Do not go too far in thinking that with such a teacher, you can do anything. Respect the person, whatever he is. It is possible that he behaves so only because he wants to make students' life easier even for little. Do not make a good man of aggressive shouter. You will still have to pass the exam with this or teacher ...

3. Teacher - rationalist

Sadly, this type of a teacher meet very rarely. Apparently almost all rationalists have left higher education because of lack of future prospects. However, in the universities still remains a small percentage of such teachers -  faithful to
their science.

With such people, the easiest way to build relationship, if student is learning in good faith. If you are among these students, then you won't have problem in the discipline, which conducts the teacher.

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