Violent crimes are known as crimes against the person. They refer to when a person injures another intentionally. They often involve the use of harm or threat to accomplish a crime, such as armed robbery.


Types of violent crimes


Domestic violence

Domestic violence refers to a sequence of abusive tendency used by an individual with the intention of exerting power over another person, in a family or inmate relationship. Some types of domestic violence include economic control, sexual abuse, physical violence, and psychological assault.


Battery and assault

When you touch or apply force to another person, such that the individual suffers offense or harm, it is known as a battery offense. On the other hand, assault refers to when one creates a reasonable apprehension of harm to another individual. Self-defense and duress are common defenses applied in battery and assault charges. Under self-defense, an accused must prove that they acted because of fear of harm, and there was no way they could escape the threat.



Kidnapping can either be charged under state or federal law. The only difference is that under the federal legislation, inter-state boundaries are crossed. Federal kidnapping law specifically prohibits kidnapping in the air and on the high seas, of internally protected people or government officials.


  • Other forms of violent crimes include:
  • Various homicide types such as manslaughter and murder
  • Robbery with violence
  • Armed robbery

Penalties for violent crime

Penalties for violent crimes vary according to the seriousness of the offense. They are usually determined by the extent of a person’s injuries as well as the nature of the offense. Less severe crimes such as battery might be prosecuted as a misdemeanor, thus leading to a jail time of below one year, along with a few criminal fines.

More serious crimes such as kidnapping or felony may result in a prison sentence of five to ten years (or even more). Heavier offenses such as the use of weapons may lead to more substantial penalties. Find more about types of violent crimes here.


How a lawyer can help

If you are facing violent crime charges or have experienced violent crime, consider contacting a lawyer today. An attorney will help you understand what your options are, and the pros and cons of each of the options. 

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