The addictions most common in the USA include Alcohol, Meth, Prescription Drugs (including stimulants), Marijuana, Painkillers (including Codeine and Vicodin), Cocaine, Heroin, and others. You or your loved one (including family members and friends) would have been engulfed by addiction without knowing it, as addictive substances are quite easily available and used on a wide scale. The substance/drug addiction has both health and finance related repercussions. Addiction also deteriorates the quality of life and the dependency leads to the collapse of both social relationships and work productivity. Knowing more about the problem will help you overcome it easily and in time. The below-given information helps you learn more about addiction and how you can beat it.

Defining addiction

Addiction is a condition when a person craves for a behavior or substance which has known harmful effects. The compulsive engagement is towards the rewarding stimuli even when there are adverse effects or consequences. Addiction is a brain disease or disorder which is chronic and relapsing in nature. Harmful sequels do not stop the addicted to using the same substance again. Below are certain symptoms of addiction that can be evident easily.

● No or less self-control

● Inability towards resisting substance abuse even when the consequences are negative

● Reduced emotional response

● Increase in cravings towards the addictive substance

● Secretive behavior, staying aloof

● Isolation and resistance to form social groups

● Relationship deterioration

● Company of those addicted to the same substance

Each person has a different level of addiction. While the symptoms can be universal, the causes and the effects of the addictive substance may differ. Also, the treatment course may also need to be tweaked in order to address the uniqueness of the situation the best way.

The disastrous effects of long-term addiction

The chronic addiction problem gives rise to severe and disastrous long-term consequences, and the health of the individual suffering from addiction may suffer beyond recovery. Some of the major fall-backs of long-term addiction include:

● Health diseases including neurological diseases, heart diseases, and HIV among others

● Destruction of all existing relationships

● Loss of savings and finance. Bankruptcy may occur as well.

● Anxiety, depression, stress and other kinds of psychological and emotional problems.

Getting rid of addiction: The earlier the better

The downward and degrading spiral of those addicted to a drug/intoxicant needs to be stopped immediately. Self-determination and “will” are necessary and you can yourself try to overcome the problem by bringing in positive changes in life (like exercising daily) and resisting the bad ones (such as substance abuse). The professional de-addiction centers also have all the facilities and experts that will help you recover from de-addiction easily and in time.  As people often get engulfed in addictive circles, they find it difficult to stay away from substance abuse when they remain at home. The de-addictive centers are a home away from home when you want to overcome and beat addiction. You can stay there until you get sober and normal, and return home strong and stay away from the addiction settings and circles easily.

We at Renaissance Ranch Ogden have the best experts and programs to beat addiction. You can carry on with your school, work and other kinds of duties and responsibilities and also learn skills and strategies for beating addiction when you enroll in our de-addiction program.

Call us now for a free consultation! We accept all kinds of insurances so that the addiction treatment cost does not overwhelm you.

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