Using Technology to Communicate With Pupils and Parents Effectively

Over the last ten to fifteen years, technology has changed the way we communicate, socialise and work, allowing us to reach out to other people in the blink of an eye, whether they are just down the road or halfway around the world. Many of us now carry smartphones and tablets, organising our busy lives in new ways with online calendars, social media accounts and instant push notifications that keep us informed of what is happening.

One area where technology is certainly beginning to make a big difference is in schools where apps are being used to keep teachers, parents and pupils in the loop 24/7. These apps allow schools to quickly release important information concerning timetables and events which means parents no longer get frustrated about not being kept up to date. Schools themselves can save a lot of their valuable budget which in past times would have been handled by labour intensive admin processes to keep everyone properly informed.

With the technology available, school apps can be tailored to specific school needs and can have far reaching effects on communication between all the interested parties. Most school heads don’t realise the full potential of something like a school app until they actually try it for the first time. According to Matthew Hargreaves from St Mary’s Primary School: “Once it went live, what we realised is that, in the palm of your hand, you’ve got all the information about school without going anywhere else.”

For the school one of the obvious benefits of something like Parent Apps was the messaging facility as well as being able to link this to areas like events that keeps parents and pupils on the ball about everything happening over the year. People can also synch with other parts of their phones such as the calendar so they won’t forget a thing. Matthew Hargreaves adds: “From our experience so far, everything’s in one place, it’s very easy to use, you can give out usernames and passwords for staff to use it, you don’t need much training, 5 minutes training and you’re away.”

It’s an experience than many schools are beginning to find invaluable, among other benefits easing the pressure on admin processes and improving communication for everyone. For schools that are looking to reduce their costs and become more connected to parents and pupils, an app such as this makes all the difference. Most parents have either a smartphone or tablet nowadays, which means immediate notifications can keep them appraised of any problems, for instance, if the school is going to close early because of bad weather.

According to Marion Chute from Our Lady Immaculate Primary School: “We knew we needed to change and move our communication onto another level, we just didn’t really know how. Then I saw a demonstration from Parent Apsp at a conference I was at and I could see the potential. It really is simple…and you can see immediately how your school will benefit.

Whether you want to reduce the amount of admin your staff need to undertake on a daily basis, find a way of improving communication with parents and pupils, or simply reduce the environmental and budgetary impacts on your school, a dedicated app provides a potent tool for achieving higher levels of efficiency across the communication spectrum.

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