Vaping and Smoking: Which Costs More?

If about 10 years ago someone said "I'd like to vape" or "I need an e-juice refill for my e-cigarettes", you would probably wonder what they are talking about. Back then, the regular traditional cigarettes were what everyone was use to. But when E-cigarettes, refills and other devices started finding its way into the market, users or Vapers (as they are fondly called) couldn't wait to refill their clearomizers with flavoured choice E-liquids.

With the influx of these products into the market, a lot of people swore that getting an e-cigarette - for instance - will cost a fortune. Advancements in technology also ensures that upgrades were consistently been produced. Therefore, a question started going through the mind of consumers and critics alike: does smoking cost more (or less) than vaping?

Compare and Contrast

Studies show that about 9 million people in the UK still smoke tobacco. There's an estimated 3 million more who smoke e-cigarettes, and more than half of that number have completely stopped smoking traditional cigarettes.

For now, the cost of smoking is actually more than vaping. Perhaps because vaping is not yet a major hobby and people are not getting addicted to it as compared to tobacco smoking. But do not forget that new kits keep getting released by companies regularly, and every vaper wants to try out the newest products. The media and communication director of Loto Labs, Matthew Greenfield, said "if you intend to save a little something and not spend all you have on every latest product, you can always buy a set that suits your needs and keep refilling with E-liquids".

"You really don't need an expensive set. Besides, you can even get a 'smart' vaporizer and make the e-juice yourself", Greenfield added. Needless to say, he also stressed that some consumers just enjoy checking out upgrades, and advised that getting a device you know a thing or two about saves you stress - and money of course!

Talking about E-liquids, some Vapers use no more than 5 ml per day; while others don't even up to 3 ml daily - depending on the brand and flavor. If you feel like you consume so much, either try out those brands imported from Asia or simply make your own e-juice. Besides, when you browse the internet, there are certain e-cigarette online stores with 10ml E-liquids for sale - for as low as £2.50. Remember that products are usually cheaper when you order a large amount.

Doing the Math

Now, here's a quick math on daily spendings between an average smoker and an average vaper: assuming a smoker consumes 4 packs of traditional cigarettes weekly, thats gives 208 packs annually. A pack goes for not less than £4, resulting in £832. Meanwhile, an E-liquid will cost you just about £2.50 per 10 ml. Using a bottle 4 times a week for a year will only cost you £130! What a whooping difference!

Not forgetting that some products like the magnet induced vaporizer cost below £300 and still comes with e-liquids, dry herbs, concentrates, rechargeable batteries and a charger!

Some smokers will argue that the cost of electricity used to charge the battery and the depreciation costs of the devices were not included. But also remember that the cost of lighters or match box was waived too.

All in all, the environmental hazards posed by tobacco smoking is also a reason to consider vaping - if you haven't started already! The fact that treating nicotine addiction or tobacco related health issues is expensive, also gives you another reason to reconsider smoking. So, from the quick math above, you can obviously tell that the cost of vaping is way cheaper than traditional cigarettes smoking - if you control your other habits of trying out every new device and different flavors you come across on daily basis. 

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