Walking Tour to Catchy Sites in Stockholm

Stockholm is truly a heaven in the earth, where your heart beats so hard that you can barely speak. It is truly one of the best walking tour Stockholm destinations in Europe. It is not surprising therefore why thousands of tourists from all over the globe book a flight to Stockholm throughout the year. The favorable weather condition, rich culture, astounding architecture of Stockholm truly entices people to visit this part of Sweden again and again. You can explore the shrouded beauty of this city by visiting some of the outstanding locales in Stockholm.

Turn back the hands of time and experience the past of the Vikings by visiting Gamla Stan, the medieval Stockholm. Walk along the charming alleyways that pass through the ancient places of worship. Make sure that you look at the Royal Palace and witness the Changing of the Guards.

Vasa Museum or in other words the Vasa museet hosts the world-famous 17th century warship Vasa. This warship sunk at the bottom of the sea and never saw the daylight until it was later salvaged in 1956. It is currently shown in the Vasa Museum along with four other gigantic boats.

You can bring an outing basket at the Green Grove. This part of Stockholm is encompassed with thick forestry and eminent plants and flowers which is an ideal place for walking tour, biking and eating out with family.

Skansen is a famous museum in Sweden as well as around the world as it is the first outside museum in history. This museum showcases the traditional works of the Swedish before the Industrial Revolution. It also displays more than a hundred traditional buildings, the vast majority of which are original. You may also find some Scandinavian animals in the Skansen.

If you are arranging a walking tour to Stockholm with family, make certain to drop by at the Junibacken, home to Villa Villekulla. It is a fictional setting inspired from the work of Swede Astrid Lindgren. Kids will unquestionably appreciate touring around this part of Stockholm.

If you have booked or planning a flight to Stockholm to tour Stockholm,then these places you must see: Visit the City Hall to investigate the very place where the prestigious Nobel Prize banquet is held. This building is also home to a 10,000 channel organ, the Council Chamber and the Nobel Prize museum.

Are you an art significant lover? Your tour to Stockholm won't go to waste. This city offers a myriad of world-class museums which suit a variety of interests. If you cherish the ancient art, the National Museum is the place to be. Like the simplicity and brevity of modern art? Your eyes will definitely gleam once you see the artworks displayed at the Moderna Museet. Stockholm also offers the Kulthurhuset, home for many things, from theaters to shows.

Finalise your fun and walking tour Stockholm trip by trying out Swedish smorgasbords. While dining on the tasty cuisines of the locals, listen to the merry Swedenees music which has turn into a ton more popular than ABBA.

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