Warm Your Budget While Cooling Off Utility Costs

Are you worried about the hefty budget of cooling your home in summer and keeping it warm in winter? Do not worry since you aren’t alone. There are ways you can keep your energy bills under control even when the temperatures skyrocket to triple digits in summer or fall below the freezing point in winter.

Keep in mind that effective money control goes beyond balancing your chequebooks every month. It should also be reflected in your daily living. Saving on your utility bills do not always mean compromising your lifestyle. Being a money-smart individual will go a long way in helping you manage your utility bills.

Manage Your Heating and Cooling Expenses

Start managing your heating and cooling costs by insulating your home properly. Although you may not be a position to facilitate an instant overhaul of the various aspects of your home, you can start off with your attic floor. You can then move to the exterior walls, basement, and then the floors. You should also insulate any crawl areas found in your home.

Insulating your attic offers better protection both in summer and winter. During summer, when the heat from the scorching sun tries to move down on the roof, the insulation will act as an effective barrier. During winter, the insulation prevents heat from escaping to the outside.

More Ways to Deal with Heat in Your Home

  • Tint your windows and make sure that all the windows in unused rooms have permanent covers
  • Plant more trees around your home to prevent the daytime sun rays from reaching your house
  • Make sure you cover the outside of your house windows in summer. Both shutters and bamboo shades work well
  • Install reflective curtain liners. Make sure that the reflective side is facing outside during the hotter months to keep the heat outside and inside during the cold months.
  • Close the drapes

Install a Fan

Most people tend to think that an AC unit is the best way of keeping their homes comfortable during the hotter summer months. However, an AC unit can become the most expensive equipment in your home if it has to run throughout the day. You can lower the demand for air conditioning by trying out some the tips outlined below.

  • Install fans since the more the air circulates, the cooler it becomes. Still, air tends to be warmer. Consider installing ceiling fans that will help in circulating the air around your house.
  • Set your programmable thermostat to around 78 degrees. If the air outside is rising to above 100 degrees but your room is set to 78 degrees, your interior will feel comfortable.
  • Turn off your AC at night when the sun goes down and the air becomes cool. If you are having a box fan, take it over to your stairs and point it outside. The box fan will now eliminate the warm air from your house making it more comfortable.

Follow the tips given below if you are looking to keep the warmth in your house during winter and save on your energy bills.

  • Wear multiple layers of clothes so that you only turn on your heat pump when its necessary
  • Lower the temperature of your thermostat. You should turn down the temperature even further when you go to bed
  • Close the doors and vents of all unused rooms in your home
  • Close all the gaps in your home

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