What is Leadership? A very common question yet difficult to answer. Leadership means being dominant enough to influence everyone in such a way that you are the king and everyone else is common public. A dominant person can be called a leader and leadership comes from within. No one can learn leadership as it is a behavioural attribute. Let’s take a look on the ways how we can define leadership in an effective way:

There are basically two ways to define it and both are different from each other in a very minor perspective:

1) Leadership is about being dominant: In earlier times, the person who had the potential to dominate everyone was the leader. One who is a leader, has the powers to hold onto the same position for a longer duration and govern others to get things done in a proper manner without performing any task. Leadership is an inner trait and no strategies are required to lead the group. And most importantly, leadership cannot be achieved without any group as you cannot lead yourself. So it is your group who gives you this position and to maintain your position, it’s your duty to respect your group and inspire them to work efficiently.

2) Leadership is about getting things done from others: According to modern business rules, leadership is about motivating others to perform the tasks to achieve momentous results within necessary time. Business is getting complex day by day and so the need of leaders arise. In earlier times, the manger was the leader but now with the complexity in every business aspect, the managers got split to give birth to leaders. The duties of managers are so many that it got difficult for them to handle this also. So leaders come into scene to influence people to work according to them. Many leaders are in the scenario offering great outputs and Joseph Tramontana is one of those. Take a look how leadership is achieved in two ways:

i)       Leadership is about inspiring others and become a cheerleader to get this done and in this case, there is no space for honest leadership. It is so because when you influence others to do some work, there are 50-50 chances of that the work is unbiased and factual. There can be chances when you are inspiring others to do something wrong but if you get the work done then you will be tagged as a “good leader”.

ii)      Getting things done with the help of a team is another trait of leadership. Being in charge of someone is also called leadership if you can get the work done properly in time. And this is decided by your team whether you can be a good leader or not.

So these are some important things which I hope are enough for you to understand the concept of “Leadership” properly. If you need some more advice on it, you can take help from Joseph Tramontana, best leader in the industry. 

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