What are the different kinds of Pre-Employment Assessment Tests?

When business enterprises need to hire new employees, they have to set up a complex process of recruitment which involves a lot of time, money, and manpower. From filtering the resumes to designing and creating the initial tests, shortlisting the eligible candidates for further interviews, and finalizing the most suited candidates for the job, the process could span over weeks or months in total.

For business enterprises, having their HR department work exclusively on the recruiting process may not be a feasible solution as the department has to handle other aspects such as compensation, training, appraisals, employee welfare programs, and whatnot. To help enterprises allow their employees to focus on the core aspects, companies have come up in the market to deal exclusively with the pre employment assessment test process.

The companies conduct tests on behalf of the enterprises, shortlist the eligible candidates, and provide a support system. This enables the enterprises to not just select eligible candidates for their business, but also helps them reduce the cost of expenditure by around 70%.

Yes, by hiring a company to conduct the tests, enterprises will only have to pay the company for the services provided. The infrastructure will exist with the company so enterprises do not have to invest in it. They only hire it for the time being.

Now coming to pre employment assessment test processes, the tests are conducted online, on a large scale. All the candidates can take the test at the allotted time on the specified day from their homes or any location that provides them access to a computer and network services.

Though the most common tests conducted are job-based or subject-based, enterprises can choose to opt for other assessment tests that would give them a comprehensive analysis of their candidates they wish to recruit. After all, no enterprise wants to recruit candidates who may not fit into the existing work environment despite being qualified for the job.

Conducting something more than just job-related tests not only makes sense but is also preferred and recommended. Enterprises would benefit from hiring the companies to all the assessment tests on their behalf. It has been estimated that enterprises can save around 60% of their time for other important aspects.

Of course, selecting the right set of questions for the test depends on the personnel of the enterprise and also the job profile. Not all jobs require complex assessment tests to be conducted for the candidates. The experts from the companies assist enterprises in the process, but the major decision lies with the enterprise.

Here are some of the assessment tests that are conducted.

  • Job-Based Testing
  1. The test is purely to assess the knowledge level, expertise or the lack of it via the test. Other cognitive, behavioral aspects do not come into the picture.
  2. This test is most suitable for the jobs that do not require the employees to interact with others or that don’t involve confidential information.
  • Personality Testing
  1. This test helps in analyzing the personality of a candidate. Jobs such as marketing and sales require people who are extroverts, courteous, witty, and assertive while a financial analyst needs to be more focused on analyzing the financial statements and be loyal to the enterprise.
  • Skill Assessment Testing
  1. Skills are different from knowledge and can be divided into hard skills such as computer operations, and soft skills such as the ability to communicate with others.
  2. These tests can be ideally conducted after the job-based tests and the eligible candidates are shortlisted.
  • Emotional Intelligence Testing
  1. This test is again not required for every job and is conducted during the later stages of the selection process where the number of candidates is preferably less.
  • Behavioral Testing
  1. The social interactions, communication levels, reaction to various situations, etc. can be determined by this test.
  2. A mix of job-related and behavioral testing could give the enterprise a decent assessment of the candidates they wish to hire.

It is important to note that none of the tests are foolproof and enterprises need to ensure they design a test form that covers all the aspects they wish to analyze.

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