What Are The Pros And Cons Of Online Homeschooling Program?

With the rapid advancement of digital technology, the concept of home schooling has evolved over the years gaining more popularity than ever.

Pros of online homeschooling program are:

· Suitable for everyone

Learning online accommodates much diversity. This is because most people have differences in preferred styles of learning. For example, some students prefer audio lessons and others prefer video lessons. These are all accommodated in the system.

· Easy to access material

Unlike the normal learning system, it offers easy way of accessing the learning material any time of the day. Internet access and a working computer is all that one requires thus making the study material readily available all the time at one’s own convenience.

· Equality

These online homeschooling programs build an air of equality. It instills a sense of equality among the students widening their horizons and giving equal opportunity to get educated.

· Preferred learning pace

Not everyone has the same capacity of grasping knowledge. Online homeschooling leads to the possibility to learn at one’s own pace. According to the individual sharpness and capability, one can study as per his or her acumen.

· Easy assessment

Assessment of studies is much simpler through online homeschooling programs. All the records of the student’s performance are organized effectively. Access to these is available anytime of the day. This helps in knowing the weak areas of a student that needs improvement and hard work.
Besides the above, this type of learning also has cons worth knowing by anyone planning to undertake it:

· Problematic lab practical sessions

If a student is undertaking a science course, laboratory practical sessions are a necessity. Learning online limits one in such areas. Obtaining practical lab experience is next to impossible.

· Over- researching

Wide research is good. In the case of this type of schooling, cases of over researching are dominant. This happens since one is not sure of what course material to stop at. Hence, unnecessary research somehow wastes a lot of time.

· Little social activity

Children who participate in such learning processes have little social interactions. In the end, it might harm their general behavior. Hidden unappealing characteristics are difficult to notice. This ultimately leads to the development of poor anger management and introvert behavior.

Such schools demand sincere effort on the part of the students since there are no actual classrooms and practically no teacher to guide face to face. The cost is also one major factor to be considered after deciding the course to opt for. Also, the comfort level of the individual needs to be accessed as far as this type of schooling is concerned. Only after evaluating the pros and cons of homeschooling program, final decision should be taken.

With time, misconceptions about this type of learning are fading slowly. The students are also adjusting faster with it. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten about the looming disadvantages.

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