What do the students do at the lessons: hits of affairs

1. Write a notes

The first line, as expected occupy a typical student activity as writing notes. After all, in fact, an outline - a product of the student's work. If, say, the product of labor of the factories is the number of produced parts, the students' main product - a abstract.

And all students write an outline differently. Someone is trying to to write largest possible number of words heard from the teacher (or seen on the screen) like they writing a college papers. The other student records only the abstracts, which allows him to not "lost" in the synopsis.

2. Listen to the teacher

Someone might think that listening to someone - this is not affair. But it is! Sometimes just listening to a person much more difficult than to record his statement. Much of what you will be asked by the teacher, you will hear exactly from his lips.

Pay special attention to those moments when the teacher tells you that the following information is "not for writing". This means that the teacher will express to you now, in a rather rigid form an opinion on interesting to him issue.

3. Sleep

Yes, student's
dream is sweet . Zombie state at the university  tend to the good half of students. Usually the first couple - a period of awakening from sleep. Most students come to school only to sleep (well, accordingly to be noted).

4. Sit on the Internet from the phone

The spread of mobile phones with access to the Internet leads to the fact that students often spend the whole pair not on a lecture (although they physically are in the audience), but in the virtual space.

5. Listen to music

Another one of the favorite activities of students on the lessons is listening to music tracks. The life of a young man hardly conceivable without music. And for some of them the music is, compare the drug. They just can not live without it for a minute.

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