What does not let you to stay in harmony with yourself?

How to be happy and find harmony? Not everyone finds the answer to this question. In this article, I will try to find out what things prevent us from taking a step towards a happy and colorful life.

Dependence on the partner

This is perhaps one of the main reason why we find inner harmony and feel truly happy. When people meet, there is a collision of their inner worlds. Each of them is beautiful in its own way and has its own unique features. Before this meeting, each of us went some way made mistakes and gained valuable experience. And at some point, these worlds are beginning more and more to approach: we share the feelings and emotions of each other, share their experiences and plans for the future with your partner, begin to gradually introduce the person in their environment.

It would seem that it is bad? We all dream of a healthy and harmonious relationship in which we wish to share each other's interests. Only sometimes it gets out of our control under pressure gushed romantic feelings, we dissolve in a person, forgetting about yourself.

I would call it a kind ofmimicry. We enthusiastically observe the partner's life, his hobby became our hobby. We share with each other and celebrate personal victories together, and keeping it in such way. 

All anything, but for a moment imagine that this person is no longer in your life. What will be left of you after his departure? Will your life is still exciting and vibrant? Will you be in a constant process of creation of something? Or will you wait for a new collision?

Comfort zone: to build or to destroy

Recently, the comfort zone is the most discussed topic among psychologists and bloggers. The gloss is teeming with articles on how to exit from this notorious area in order to improve the quality of life and self-confidence.

Undoubtedly, out of the comfort zone, it is very important and useful, but we can not do it without thinking. First, you need to understand where it starts and ends with your comfort zone. There is a very fine line between what you just unusual, and that may be for you a real test. Leaving comfort zone is difficult even the most unfettered and sociable, I'm not talking about people who suffer from different kinds of phobias.

Indeed, it is difficult to break the self-confidence and reliance man who is in constant creation itself through constant growth and exit from the usual environment. The reason for the discomfort of the first steps in a new reality sometimes is not that difficult person to adapt to the unusual way of life, and that it is not necessary.

Breaking yourself is vital to remain in the stream, but we must be aware that what you do is, sensibly evaluate all possible losses. Otherwise, constantly breaking self, you will become a desolate vessel will lose what has been given to you by nature itself, and your vital reference stray.

Unfolding the masks 

How often we hide their identity from prying eyes and themselves. We are trying to be like someone else, we look back on the successes of others, somewhat jealous of the people passing by, sometimes angry and offended. Without a doubt, there are many role models who have achieved unprecedented success and live a different life: bright, devoid of routine and daily ups early on work that brings pleasure.

But why get angry and give up when we are powerless to change the course of events? Our life is given to us not to stay in the image of the victim and complain about the injustice of fate. We must act without delay and desirable. Why should you lie to yourself, Why, for example, you do not know the dissertation methodology? (http://essayvikings.com/blog/what-is-a-dissertation-methodology)? You can just do what you have to, and stop limiting yourself. 

Do you dislike your hairstyle or wardrobe? Then renew it. You have to admire your own reflection in the mirror and not look back at each stranger with random thoughts: "She is so beautiful and well appointed, why am I so worse?.."

No need to push yourself to the experience and the knowledge that you do not like to be the way you are forced to be the circumstances. Remove the mask of normality and routine stop and have to worry about what you think about other people. Think about it: many of them are worthy of respect and admired precisely because it had ceased to care for someone else's opinion.

Perhaps at the very moment when you unleash your inner beast, you will come the realization of what you want to devote your life. And as you know, one of the main components of happiness is a thing that brings us pleasure.

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