What is the difference between RosterBuster and RB Logbook?

My friend is a pilot and this field has become my passion. I'm sure you would be interested to dig into it if you listen to his admiring stories.

Well, there are as positive as some less positive stories. And one of them is that he uses some tools and apps to make his airline life easier but it's always better to minimize them and have everything in one.

One of those apps is Rosterbuster. There are a lot of strict rules applies and you have no choice only to follow, like bringing a logbook with appropriate requested data. 

Many logbooks have quite limited features, thus he uses a few apps. Rosterbuster allows him to extract the rosters, track flights and information, chat with crew and airlines etc. Recently, they announced a coming RB logbook app. A lot of pilots searched it within Rosterbuster website and in-app itself. However, they found out Rosterbuster logbook app is actually RB logbook app. As though, RB group.aero is a re-branded Rosterbuster, it's an umbrella company for RosterBuster, RB logbook, and future RB layovertips.

To avoid confusion and help others, I decided to make brief research and write an article below. Hopefully, it will help by sharing in social networks.

Earlier this year, RB Group announced the launch of a new pilot logbook app RB Logbook, which will sync and work seamlessly alongside its popular crew mobile app, RosterBuster.

RB Group is home to a multitude of innovative crew apps and solutions, including RosterBuster, RB Connect and now RB logbook. 

RosterBuster allows users to connect to their airline operations, communicate with other crew members, sync and share their busy schedules and manage life beyond the airport with ease, for better work-life balance.


The history of RosterBuster and their team 

Founded in 2010, by a UK based Boeing 787 commercial pilot and Air Traffic controller, RosterBuster was originally designed as a hobby project, born from frustration of not being able to view and manage flight rosters in a simple way. In 2015, RosterBuster became part of RB Group.

Run by a dedicated team of aviation and tech experts, RB Group has thrived and grown into an international business with offices in Europe and India.


The name for their new pilot logbook, RB Logbook

You may wonder, what does the RB stand for in RB Group?

For many years, the business was known as RosterBuster - the name of their first product to market. 

Over the years, as the company and its services expanded, the name no longer fit the business, and it began to limit people's perceptions of the business. 


Recognizing the organic success that the business had achieved with its original name, they felt it was important to retain the essence and pay homage to their beginnings. 

In 2019 they rebranded to RB Group, retaining the name RosterBuster for their well known B2C product.

Today the "RB" in RB Group stands for much more than "busting rosters"

- Reliable Business

- Reinventing Boundaries

- Relevant Breakthroughs

- Robust Businesses

- Reinterpreting Borders

RB Logbook app features

RB Logbook promised to be a powerful crew app and is set to launch at the end of 2019 with a great user interface and host of innovative features for pilots, looking to log their flight time digitally, including;

  • Seamless integration with RosterBuster
  • Amazing User Interface
  • Manage and add flights with ease
  • Record aircraft types, airfields, and crew
  • Manually add flights
  • Customizable logbook columns and dashboard view
  •  Calculate limits and pay
  • Export to logbook and third-parties

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