What is the ideal way to conduct employment tests Online?

Pre-employment tests are a crucial step in the overall recruitment process. They became even more important when a study revealed that candidate resumes are not reliable. Research indicated that almost 78% of resumes received by the employers are misleading, while 46% of them actually lie about the skill set or educational qualifications.
After an advertisement for a job post enterprise spends a significant sum on conducting the tests the traditional way. The candidates are asked to sit through written tests and a series of interviews. As important as it is to conduct these pre-employment test, it becomes equally important to optimize the cost and time involved in these tests.

The tests involve efforts by employers like compiling the test papers for both written tests and interviews. Furthermore, it requires a significant workforce to manage the test centers on the said date. After that, the papers need to be evaluated by experts to select the right candidates. The final leg of the selections is prone to human errors and bias.

The kind of effort and time it takes to wrap the entire recruitment process takes a toll on the organization. With the advent of digitization, the virtual pre-employment tests have taken place of the traditional way of candidate assessment.

These online pre-employment tests have proved to be advantageous from a number of perspectives for the organizations. Apart from reducing the testing cost by 70%, they bring down the test duration and test analysis effort by 60%.

As these tests are automated, accurate and efficient, they reduce the chances of a bad hire in a low-cost manner. It reduces the travel time and travel expenses for both the candidate and the organization as the tests can be taken at a virtual test center.  

The real-time test scenario is replicated for the candidates by including audio and video streaming. As these tests are easily customizable, the test takers save a lot of time and effort that goes into updating the test papers.

Today enterprises are able to conduct layered pre-employment tests that involve multiple dimensions of the candidate's skillset:  

Relevant skillset
The technical skill sets can be tested like the knowledge of coding, excel skills and more to select the appropriate candidate.

Cognitive and personality tests
General aptitude tests and personality test have become a crucial part of the recruitment process. The online test assessment makes it easy for employers to conduct tests that involve testing memory, logical, numerical, and verbal reasoning.  

How do these tests simplify the task of employers?
These tests provide a pre-designed form so that these can be customized quickly and appropriately. They are connected to the vast database of questions provided by the test providers so that even small tweaks can be made too much of effort.

The integration of the test and answer form to the HR systems ensures there is no gap between the two. The online pre-employment service providers offer 24*7 support to the enterprises thus the tests can be conducted for any candidate from any geographical location. As an unlimited number of candidates can take the test at one time, there is no bottleneck and thus it expedites the entire process of recruitment.

Higher Employee Retention
Pre-employment tests have been known to contribute to increased employee retention. This is directly related to the selection procedure as while the candidate is under assessment, with pre-employment tests he is being thoroughly tested on the basis of personality, aptitude, skill set, and temperament so that he is the right match for the job posting. This adds value to the organization and renders more job satisfaction to the candidates also.
Better turn over
The integration of the pre-employment tests is not at all disruptive or capital intensive. But it directly leads to an increased turn over for the organization. An efficient employment test means a better hiring process that ensures a suitable candidate is selected for the job at hand. The tests are also under the governance of labor laws that ensure neither the candidate nor the employer suffers in any possible way.

To wrap
A professionally developed pre-employment test is the must for a company to recruit ideal candidates in a cost-efficient manner. The test results and job performance correlation needs to be tested and validated time and again to ensure the hiring process is efficient always. 

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