What is the Value of ITIL Certification?

ITIL certification is a popular and highly recognized certification in the IT operation field, which lets the candidates prove their acquaintance with ITIL framework. With increasing adoption of this framework in national and global companies, the market is offers numerous  career prospects for the ITIL certified professionals.

ITIL – How valuable is it for Individuals and Organizations?

If you are puzzled on whether to take an ITIL Training and certification program or not, you should try to figure out if it is fit for your domain.

The certification course allows the professionals to have an understanding of the IT service management. Hence, if you are into management of IT operations, it is a great add-on to enhance the career graph. At the same time, the ITIL framework is beneficial for the organizations. That’s why the different ITIL certifications are in great demand by top organizations to increase the business value.

The official ITIL certification has total 12 certifications and 5 levels. Namely, these certifications are - the Foundation level, Practitioner level, ITIL Intermediate, ITIL Expert and ITIL Master.

The Value of ITIL Certifications for the Professionals

  • Assured Career Growth

The individuals obtaining ITIL intermediate and advanced certification are highly in demand. Getting ITIL certification is the key to a successful career in the IT industry. They are recognized as an asset when compared to their peer. With the ITIL certification, individuals can market themselves for top IT jobs. The certification helps them to qualify for high paying job roles in an organization.

  • In-Depth Domain Knowledge

After the completion of ITIL Certification, the individual is recognized as a respectable professional.  The individual obtains all the understanding and knowledge during the ITIL course training and they possess advanced skills. All this makes the individual competitive than other peers. Every organization values the knowledge and experience procured by the professional to earn the certification.

  • Helps in Developing Leadership Quality in you

After the completion of ITIL Certification, the individual has ample of knowledge to lead a team of staffs as they have in-depth knowledge to increase the productivity. Professionals can easily head a team as they have comprehensive exposure to methodologies in order to increase the business. In short, once you obtain ITIL certification, you are recognized as a change agent of the organization.

The Value of ITIL Certifications for the Organizations

  • Improvement in revenue and reduction in cost

The ITIL certified professionals are skilled people who are responsible to increase the overall effectiveness and efficiency in an organization by increases the revenue. This can be easily achieved by reducing, time and cost. The trained professionals increase the productivity by conducting the right activities at the right time in minimum cost.

  • Reduce Chances of Error

Obtaining ITIL certification helps the staff to identify and eliminate the errors, leaving a positive effect on the business revenue. If the errors and waste are identified and eliminated on time, the overall business can reap positive benefits and the wastage will also be the minimum. This is a very crucial part, because several IT businesses suffer a lot due to limited resources and budgets.

  • High Competitive Significance

It is very common for a business to compete with other organization for work and by displaying expertise in the domain. When a business follows ITIL practices, it can easily suppress their competitors and win the deal. Businesses with ITIL certification professionals have the quality to pursue new work/deals and can boost the organization’s revenue drastically.

Who should consider Taking ITIL Course?

The ITIL course is ideal for all professionals who want to create a flourishing future in the field of IT service. So, anyone working for an information technology domain can apply for the ITIL certification.

Importance of ITIL Training

It is crucial for the individual to get training from a good institute, like Koenig solutions. Without taking the required training, individuals are not allowed to sit for the exam. Always remember, you should take training from the ITIL-approved training centres only, otherwise it will not be counted.

Got queries? You can leave the comments below and our ITIL experts will make sure that your confusion is resolved at the earliest.

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