What Should Your Child Know Before Preschool

Children start to learn pretty much from the day they are born, through many different ways which are crucial for their later development. Your child's education is extremely important and giving them a good foundation from their earliest years will make it easier for them to get through life and find success. However, there is a much-debated topic: what should your child learn before they start their formal education in preschool? Today, we are going to help you answer that question and hopefully help you put your child and the right path.

Numbers from 1 to 10

Teaching your child to count is one of the most basic things they should learn before preschool. However, it can be a good idea to make them understand and differentiate numbers from 1 to 10 as well. Teaching them to count and differentiate numbers is quite simple. Just try and count everything you do and everywhere you go with them. From biscuits to cars on the street, they will find it quite interesting and should get the hold of it quickly.


Helping your child learn how to communicate with other people, both when it comes to receiving and sharing information is another crucial thing they should learn from their early years. Successful communication is one of the most important things in the workplace, as well as in an individual's personal life and understanding this from the beginning will be hugely beneficial. The way your child learns to communicate is through constant interaction with other people which is why it can be a good idea to start sending them to a kids early learning centre where they can start to learn to interact with other children on a regular basis. 

Basic colours and shapes

Children should also know how to differentiate between basic colours such as red, green, blue, white etc. as well as basic shapes such as a circle a square and a triangle. This is because they will spend a large amount of time in their preschool colouring. This will help them develop their motor skills which they will later develop into good handwriting, hand-eye coordination and many other useful things. Just like when it comes to learning numbers, learning shapes and colours can be a great and fun activity to do with your child as you can do it wherever you go pointing out the shapes or the colours of objects you see on the street or in your house. 

Health and fitness

For the majority of their young lives, you will represent the biggest role model when it comes to health, fitness and eating habits to your children. Because of this, you should also aim to teach them about the importance of having good health and fitness habits before they start kindergarten which they will carry throughout their life. While you most likely won’t be able to explain to them why doing one thing is more healthy than doing another you should already understand that your child sees you as an ideal which they always want to copy you. So, if you start exercising in front of them they will likely try to join you. In a similar fashion, if you choose a healthy snack such as a fruit or a vegetable instead of a confectionary product, they are likely to do the same. 


Giving your child a good knowledge foundation that can be built on in kindergarten and in later education is crucial for making them into healthy and happy individuals. Because of this, devoting your time to their knowledge and development from the earliest days is something you mustn’t ignore. 

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