What to Learn if You Want to Change the World and Make a Living?

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Indeed, he is a revolutionary man but without ever advocating for violence. He added that “in a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

A few months from now, a lot of young adults will start their college careers. Many students might be on the verge of thinking and have the determination to change the world. If you are one of those students who is gritty of starting and making a change, your major is one of the many considerations you have to think about as early as today. To make a real difference in the world, you have to know what major will most likely help you land a position where you can impact changes. After college, you must be equipped with knowledge and skills to keep you armed. Here are some career paths that you can consider.


Engineering or Computer Science


Many believe that those who understand how to create, utilize, employ, enhance and master technology are given the ability to control and impact a change through innovation. Engineers and computer scientists are highly skilled technology experts who can improve people’s lives for the better. One of the many skills that will give you the capability to change the society in the future is engineering and computer programming.


Environmental Science


Environmental science is a discipline wherein the biological, physical, and earth sciences are integrated. Graduates of Environmental Sciences may be able to work in a laboratory, private companies, universities, or the local government and engage in intensive research works. They may have the best of many worlds, and they usually have an ideal work schedule.


Environmental scientists are problem solvers. These people can determine the causes of environmental and health problems, and then come up with solutions by means of research. They help eliminate and even rare and exceptional issues by having the opportunity to investigate on them more. They understand and know how the natural world works; thus, they can come up with recommendations and approaches for managing such problems. They are skilled in understanding how the Earth works and how it supports life; therefore, they use their knowledge of the earth’s systems to safeguard the environment and human health.


Public and Community Health


Public and community health graduates can help promote healthy living. Public health professionals can be involved in a number of assignments from identifying diseases to creating public policies. Public health can aid in improving the health of people and preventing epidemics from the community level to the global level.


Public health specialists are skilled and trained to monitor health status and help solve community health problems, diagnose health problems and hazards in the area. They can also educate people about various health risks; they develop policies and plans and enforce laws and regulations to protect the health of individuals and ensure their safety. Furthermore, they assure that there is available competent health care in the community. If you want to explore more on this, UoPeople offers an online bachelor of science in health science degree.




Teachers and educators are transformational agents. It is indeed one of the noblest professions that have a positive impact on the future. One of the best careers to change the world for the better is to be an educator. People with majors in education can help them penetrate the inner system and make a bigger impact. It is indeed an evolving and exciting profession.




Whatever major you would like to pursue, remember that you are looking for a career that you can enjoy and not a job or work that will be a burden to you. It is important that while you have the desire to change the world, you must not forget about changing yourself too for the better.

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