What You Should Consider When Choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being charged with a crime is never a positive experience, and many times the defendant is at best merely an accessory or a witness to the actual crime committed by another individual. State and federal laws both are written with specific wording that empowers law enforcement officials to arrest anyone who may be part of a group that is perpetrating criminal activity. This legal latitude means that many people who do get arrested may just be in "a bad place at a bad time" when others are breaking the law. However, even those who may just be connected to the act but have no intent regarding illegal behavior will face the same potential punishment as the actual criminals. Additionally, many of these defendants are new to the legal system and do not know where to begin regarding how to choose a criminal defense firm.

The Importance of Legal Experience

The number of years a firm has been practicing law can be an important factor when deciding on a legal representative, but criminal law is unlike most other legal areas. While the court rulings are enforced across all types of cases, when they make decisions in criminal cases people go to jail and lives are changed forever. There is much more riding on the case than merely fining an individual along with an incarceration period. Having a criminal defense attorney who is an experienced prosecutor as well as a criminal defense lawyer can be a real advantage for a variety of reasons, especially for those defendants who are being charged on borderline evidence.

A Solid Track Record of Results

Another indication of aggressive representation is a criminal defense firm with an established record of the best result possible for their clients even when the charges are valid. Many defendants may be guilty of a charge to some degree, but court decisions are often made based on the entire record, so extenuating circumstances can matter. When prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys have good working relationships, good results can come from any charges even when they may stem from a serious crime. And of course, when being charged wrongly, knowing how to choose a criminal defense firm can make the difference in your entire case. 

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