As with most things on the internet you want to make sure you don’t get scammed when you decide to buy Capsiplex. There are several things you need to watch out for. Firstly, there could be websites selling Capsiplex at a much higher price than you need to pay. Currently, the manufacturer of this remarkable product has a great special offer if you buy a 3 month supply. You also get a free carb blocker if you go for the special. This deal won’t last forever and is just available for a while to help get the product well known in the USA.

In a lot of cases people tend to go to the large online retailers as they feel safer purchasing from there. In most cases this is a good idea but you also end up paying more as they tend to add huge markup’s to products and in the case of Capsiplex Sport it is much cheaper to buy direct from the manufacturer. This product has picked up a lot of attention recently with Angelina Jolie mentioning to the press that she has tried out and enjoyed Capsiplex!

You will also find you get a full Money Back Guarantee and they will even replace your product if it arrives in the post damaged. You can’t ask for more than that!

The offical site also has some great special offers for buying in bulk, if you cannot afford to buy Capsiplex in 6 month batches then one way is to buy with a friend and split the cost, this way you will ensure you get the maximum discount. Currently you can save almost HALF if you buy in bulk!

No matter where you are in the world you can order Capsiplex and start loosing weight, in fact, if you get started now you may just be in better shape by Summer!

Capsiplex Side Effects

One of the concerns many people have when they approach a new drug or remedy is to accurately find out if any side effects have been recorded. Capsiplex is claimed to be a natural weight loss pill and therefore no adverse side effects should be noticed.  Most people who have used Capsiplex have felt no side effects whatsoever. Let’s take a quick look at the ingredients again and see if anything has the potential to create side effects.


CapsulesThe main component of Capsiplex is the pepper extract called Capsicum. This occurs naturally and should not cause any problems. However, as the dosage is fairly large there is a chance that it could cause some stomach irritation or bowel irritation. The company that produces it has created a unique coating around the Capsicum that prevents your stomach having direct exposure to the extract, as the coating is dissolved the extract is slowly released ensuring no overloading on your stomach lining. According to most people who regularly use this effective product there are no side effects worth mentioning.


The other active ingredient present is Caffeine. This can obviously have a stimulating effect the same as your average cup of coffee. It is best not to take your dose before you go to bed as the Caffeine could keep you up at night! The active percentage of Caffeine is very small, not enough to affect most people negatively.


The one side effect that we do hope for is the combination of ingredients will increase your metabolism and help you to start burning away all that unwanted fat! There is a special on at the moment if you purchase a three month supply, this will make sure you get the best results, as with anything, you cannot expect it to work overnight.

Also you can check other weight loss product like Zotrim.

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