Which Professions Could Disappear in 10 years

       Technological progress and the development of artificial intelligence in the next 10 years will cause the disappearance of many of our usual jobs. This report says Bank of America, which writes CNNMoney. By 2025, 45% of industrial execute tasks for US companies, whereas now this figure - only 10%. The publication compiled a list of professions at risk of extinction in the next decade.

         In the highest risk - administrative office, industrial professions and specialties relating to data processing. High risk of replacing by robots (80-100%) is in the following specialties: tour guides, taxi drivers, bakers, butchers, model, pharmacists, insurance agents, salespeople, tax collectors and officials.

         Demand remain profession requiring intuition, empathy and social interaction. Among them - doctors, professional dissertations writer for hire, psychologists, firefighters, police and detectives, artists, photographers, social workers and clergy.

One reason for the rapid automation of labor - cheaper robotics. Over the past decade the cost of work fell by 27%, and in the next 10 years, Bank of America predicts price drop another 22%. Improving machine learning technology and voice recognition and leads to people that work begin to replace people even in occupations that require interaction with customers.

The leader of the global robotics work - Japan. In Japanese car factories are 1,520 robots per 10,000 employees - is 23 times more than average. Another leader in this area - China, which in the past two years is the main buyer in the world market and generates a quarter of global demand.

BBC journalists recently developed a test that can check whether a robot to take away your job in the coming years.

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