Why Being Fluent in English is Great Asset in the Modern World

The world is massive, with many different countries and cultures included in it. There are hundreds of languages spoken in different parts of the world. At present approximately 6500 languages are prevalent on earth. However, no one can argue with the fact that the world is becoming smaller by the day. The migration rates are increasing in number each year. People from one part of the world are working for people living in another part of the world. Hence, communication has become a very important part of our personality. Being able to communicate in different languages gives an individual a greater prospect of working with people all over the world. However, one thing that has been noticed is that despite a constant increase in population the number of languages spoken is dramatically decreasing. Among all the languages present, only a handful of them are emerging as languages which are widely spoken. Out of those languages, one that clearly stands out is English. This language is spoken in almost all the developed countries and the Commonwealth countries in the world. Hence, knowing the language and the ability to communicate in English can prove to be of massive help for anyone living in India and specifically in Delhi. As a result, many spoken English classes in Delhi have now come up. This is set to help the youth of Delhi develop better communication skills in English which will help them greatly for a variety of reasons.

English is the third most popular language in the world and the number of people speaking the language is constantly increasing. It is regarded as the official language of about 94 countries across the world. This means that a person who is fluent in English has greater opportunities to work in different parts of the world in various fields like business, tourism and entertainment etc.


For any business to succeed and reach great heights it cannot afford to be limited to only the local market. For it to grow, it requires as big platform as possible for promotion. Hence, without proper understanding of the English language it becomes extremely tough to understand the international market and their promotional strategies. Hence, it becomes essential to not only learn the language but also to be proficient in it to be able to create a global presence for the company.

Job Opportunities

It is common knowledge that getting a job abroad particularly in the United States or any of the European countries can prove to be lucrative. However, to apply for a job in these developed countries one has to have the capability to interact with them in English as without that it would not be possible for one to work efficiently among other English-speaking co-workers. It is for this reason; many consider getting good spoken English courses to improve their English speaking abilities.

Tour Purpose

Even when touring to different areas of the world it is handy to know English so that one is able to communicate in times of emergency or just to get the feel of the culture of the foreign land. Apart from these there are many other reasons which can prove to be beneficial to someone with a fluency in English.

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