The Indian Certificate of Secondary Examination (ICSE) board is a non-government private based institution that looks after the administration of the matters related to the examination of 10th class. It is one amongst the best boards for providing quality education for long years in India. The board offers a well-designed course structure to offer general education through English medium. This type of study pattern helps the child to build a strong base in English along with the best education. There is variousICSE school in Thanewhich provides takes care of the overall development of the student through various activities. The teachers are well trained and skilled to offer the best of education to the children that enable them to carve a successful carrier.

  1. Even-handed and balanced Syllabus for child’s overall development

ICSE has an all-inclusive and complete syllabus that provides a balance and equal importance to each and every subject, whereas on other boards like CBSE more emphasis is laid on Maths and Science. ICSE maintains a balanced syllabus to all the subjects like science, maths, art, languages, cookery, home science, fashion designing, agriculture and many more. Selecting the ICSE board provides a student with an opportunity for overall development.

  1. Well-designed education structure

The ICSE schools generally provide the students with a well-designed learning structure where a student doesn’t have to mug things up. The students are offered a practical learning experience that helps in clearing concepts and understand the value of it in practical life. The diverse education structure helps the students to shine in each and every field.

  1. ICSE board focuses more on management carriers

The ICSE syllabus is designed to maintain a correct proportion between subjects and training tactics that is suitable for students who look forward to a carrier in management or human resources field when compared to other boards such as CBSE or state boards.

  1. Comprehensive and detailed study system

In ICSE board special attention is paid on internal evaluation because it plays an important role a student appropriate and correct growth. The teachers focus on each and every subject in a comprehensive and detailed way with a slight upper hand in English. This helps the child to get a better understanding of the subject and become consistent in studies.

  1. Worldwide Recognition

ICSE offers a certificate that is recognized all over the globe as compared to CBSE board certificate. The overall subject of ICSE has an edge over English to the students. Consequently, it helps the students who wish to move to foreign countries for further studies. It is also helpful for clearing scholarship exams especially the ones that are in English. Therefore ICSE structure of education is more compatible with the global world as compared to other boards.

The ICSE structure of syllabus is comprehensive and through as it focuses to provide a practical understanding of the subjects and helps in developing analytical skills in the students. The syllabus structure pays equal emphasis to each and every subject and also offers selection in the process. The education structure not only focuses on education but also extracurricular activities are also an important part of the curriculum. This helps in building an overall personality of each and every student and enhancing their skills and talent. The best part of holding an ICSE certificate is that it holds recognition on a global basis. This type of syllabus helps the students to develop a better carrier and the future, therefore, there is a lot of increasing number of ICSE school in Thane region and across India.

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