Why Is Plagiarism Common In Online Learning

The biggest criticism against online learning is that it makes plagiarism easy. All it takes is a few copy and paste actions to write an essay or research paper. Not many know that universities have a zero tolerance policy towards plagiarism and use anti-cheating software to detect copied content. But why is plagiarism common and how do we help students submit original content?

  • Students do not know what constitutes plagiarism:

A lot of plagiarism is unintentional. “But it’s there on the internet for everyone to read,” is a common excuse. Some believe that you don’t have to cite the author as long you’ve rephrased the sentence. And some forget about using quotation marks altogether.

  • Some student’s could care less:

A lot of students understand plagiarism but are apathetic about it. It doesn’t matter as long as they’re not caught. And even when they are caught, not all colleges will follow through with the punishment. They’re lenient because of a possible lawsuit. Several reputed universities have found that explaining their policy towards plagiarism beforehand helps a lot.

How Do We Help:

It may sound surprising that a ‘take my online class website offers original content on all the work they do, but it’s true. We know the seriousness of plagiarism and make it our duty to come up with 100% original content. We do not copy from the Internet or fail to follow citation rules. Our tutors have been doing this for years. Think about it: Doesn’t it make sense to pay someone to take your online class rather than submit plagiarized work? 

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