Why It Makes Sense to Be Teaching Kids How to Build Websites in School

Kids have been learning the same skills and techniques in schools for many decades now. Once in a while there will be an overhaul of the curriculum, but it seems the same general studies continue to be the focus. Of course, making sure kids are prepared to enter the workforce when they finish their schooling career should be a priority, which means arming them with real-life marketable and useable skills. 

With much of today’s focus being on a digital world where so many people rely on the Internet to conduct business, one could easily argue that there is merit in teaching kids how to build websites from a much younger age. Waiting until the final year or two of secondary school, or even college/university may not be the best path forward at that point.

Aren't They Too Young to Learn to Code?

The first question parents and educators seem to ask is whether they are too young to learn how to code or program? You think about four and five-year olds who are just starting in school and who are learning things like spelling, writing, and addition. Here's the thing, there are a number of educators that are calling coding the "new literacy" and they are teaching it before kids have even learned how to spell and write.

It’s long since been known that kids tend to learn much easier than adults, which is why so many educators are taking advantage of their young age and their willingness to learn. And it's not just the younger kids, older kids such as eight to 10 year olds can make use of online tutorials, mentors, and special coding classes. At that age they are able to take the coding much further and get more technical.

A Massive Selection of User-Friendly Tools

Where coding has taken a big turn is just how user-friendly it has become. Sure you can study coding and pursue a job in it where you need to know the most advanced aspects of it, but for the average person, the variety of online web builder tools combined with some basic knowledge they have learned through school would likely be more than enough.

Not only are there web builder tools available for people these days, but a large number of them are free. What this means is that kids can take that knowledge they are learning in the classroom setting and then apply it to these tools and start to practice building their very own site.

How Important is Website Building in a Career?

It really doesn't matter what career path a child chooses to follow in life, the fact is that the world is completely dominated by software in some way, shape, or form. With that in mind, being able to understand the basics of coding and programming can help them to better master various software programs, helping them to advance in their career.

At the very least teaching kids how to build a website from a young age will help them to have a greater appreciation of computers and what they are capable of.

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