Why pursue a career in civil engineering?

The world is a very competitive place in general, especially so when it comes to livelihood opportunities. Right from the beginning our drive behind education is to get a good job at a good company with a good salary, and we spend all our years trying to achieve that. Even after all the effort, at time of graduation, many of us are left without jobs.

That is why, making a proper choice as to which line of studies to pursue for a stable and rewarding career is vital. The demand for engineers has always been high, and they are important in building whatever we see around us. If you want to be at the centre of creation, are passionate about building things and want a guaranteed job on graduation, then you should pursue a career in Civil Engineering.

Any construction, whether it is a building or a bridge, a shopping complex or a residential enclave, a villa or a multi-storied building, sewer lines or water lines, each and every one of this requires the involvement of a skilled civil engineer. Also, every country, every state, every district has some construction work going on, whether governmental or non-governmental, so there is never a lack of projects.

There are many pros of pursuing civil engineering as your career. There are the obvious advantages such as ample placement opportunities etc. Some of the underrated advantages include freedom from boredom. In many engineering disciplines, the students easily get bored with the book-heavy curriculum and lack of practical work. In civil engineering, there is a lot of field work involved, chances to get first-hand experiences at ongoing projects with some of the big names in the sector. Getting this kind of experience and exposure is difficult in other sectors.

You will not have to put in much effort to get civil engineering job opportunities. Companies will come and pick you up on completion of the course. There is a high demand for civil engineers in all of the ongoing and future projects, and college fresher are the first choice.

Another advantage of choosing civil engineering as your career is that you get to contribute to the society. You would be directly responsible for building the society, making things from scratch and transforming complete localities. The satisfaction that comes out of this cannot be achieved with even the highest salaries.

Chances of showing your creative excellence is another benefit. While constructing buildings or bridges or anything else for that matter, you can showcase your talent with complete creative independence and make a mark. If you come up with a masterpiece, your name will be embedded in the pages of history.

With a degree in civil engineering, you can find a good job in any part of the world. Also, there are different branches of civil engineering and different specialization options, and depending on your choice you might find employment in different sectors of the field like transportation, geotechnical etc.

However, when you try to figure out which engineering college to join for getting a degree in civil engineering, do not let the placement status be the only deciding factor, because with most of the reputed colleges can help you get civil engineering job opportunities. You should look at the faculty and infrastructure as well, and based on your choice of specialization you can find good colleges.

While choosing a company, look at the previous projects of the company. See what kind of projects they take up and whether you are passionate about that type of construction. Check for work ethics and lastly check for the salary as well.

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