Why the CPR First Aid Certification Course Is Great for Parenting

As much as parenting can be fulfilling, it can also be challenging and the hardest part of life. Parents take on the hardest task of being responsible for their kid’s life. Within this period there will be milestones to achieve, birthdays to celebrate, and graduation events to attend. Unfortunately, this may not come to happen as children are at risk of cardiac arrest, choking and different traumas. Congenital health issues, sports, and normal daily events increase CA risks significantly. It is best to get CPR and First Aid training online course as it could be the solution to prevent such fatalities for parents.

Why Parents Need CPR?

Childhood health risks are terrifying to parents and other adults. Children who have been diagnosed with chronic diseases are prone to cardiac arrests. These chronic diseases include:

  • Early Diabetes
  • Congenital health issues e.g. arrhythmias and vascular malformations
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Anaphylactic reactions to allergens which constrict breathing abilities.

The New York Department of Health listed choking as the fourth leading death cause of children under 5 years of age.

Children pose higher risks of unintentional injuries such as drowning, falls, burns and even poisoning. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention state that 12,000 children die yearly. Infants are more likely to suffer from suffocation. Children ages 1 to 4 are more likely to suffer from burns or drowning. As a group, motor vehicle collisions make up the leading cause of death among children above age 5.

Non-diagnosed heart issues and SCA are greatly blamed for death causes among adolescent athletes. According to reports by Circulation, athlete related, SCA accounted for 39% of all diagnosis among young people under 18 years. The need for proper screening is critical. Parents who have prior training can also come in handy to recognize early symptoms and increase the overall survival chances.

Key Measures to Take In Preventing Sports Fatalities

Sports and physical activities as much as they help in curbing health problems, they can also be a source of SCA risk. As parents, the following should be followed:

  1. Ensure Your Child undergoes proper SCA screening prior to joining a sport. This will rule out any health problems that could be unknown and hidden.

  2. Ensure appropriate safety gear is worn during sports. Ensure proper and well-fitting safety gear is worn by children at all times during sports, to prevent unintentional injuries.

  3. Ensure the playgrounds are safe. They should be made of soft materials like sand, mulch not grass or dirt. These soft materials reduce the risk of fractures and serious injuries.

  4. Ensure proper water consumption during sports activities. Hydration plays a key role in preventing SCA and other health issues. Children should have access to clean water as they play.

  5. Being aware of concussion signs. It is important to be familiar with the signs that indicate brain concussion. Join CPR and First Aid training online course, as it takes parents through this important guide. Some of the more common signs include forgetfulness, slurred speech, and temporary paralysis.

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