Why web developers are most demanded workers, and how to get this profession?

Today Internet unites almost 3.5 billion users and over a billion sites. The rapid development of information technology has led to the emergence of professions, of which 10 years ago no one even thought. The top spot in the ranking the most popular and highly paid IT-specialties takes web developer profession.

Deficiency of web developers

In a world of more than 11 million Web developers in different fields and levels. Inspite of stereotypes (read more why stereotypes are bad here:(http://essayvikings.com/blog/fighting-stereotypes-is-really-good-fo...), according to CMS Magazine, 62% of companies and web studios acutely aware of the lack of personnel. Here's how they answered the question about the lack of staff in the field of web development.

To date, only a quarter of all web studios satisfied with the number of their staff. It turns out, a lot of programmers, but still not enough. Why?

There are several reasons:

15.9% of employers believe that the level of education of potential employees does not meet the requirements of the market (no decent portfolio, there is no experience of team work).15% of companies believe that the market is, in principle, few qualified web programmers are able to develop complex projects (especially in the regions).
7.3% of companies have noticed that many web development professionals prefer freelance work in the state.
6.3% of web studios believe that cooperation is impossible because of mismatch of salary expectations of candidates with employers' opportunities.
Thus, the steep, that is, knowing the entire cycle of creating a Web project and can immediately show itself in the case of developers really small. Those that have already dismantled large web studio, or they went to the freelance because they understand that on the basis of piecework wages higher than the salary in some small company.


Under web developer employer normally understands a universal specialist full-stack.

Full-stack consists of a front-end and back-end of development. Developers provide the front-end creation of the appearance of the site (the portal of the project). Back-end-development includes the shadow side of life, something that is not visible to the user, the wrong side of the site. But, regardless of specialization, web programmer must know the full cycle. Without this, it is impossible to imagine how one piece of the problem, which you will realize, will be integrated with the overall project.

Today, web development standard (full-stack) is the next set of knowledge.

Layout + browser programming language + + server-side language language for work with databases + framework (s).


And at the end of the most pleasant - about money. In fact, as mentioned at the beginning, a universal web developer profession is not only popular but also high-paying.

According to the agency "Tagline,freelancing" web programmers get 1.8 times larger salary than the average citizen of the world.

In this profession there is no career ceiling, it can help to secure a comfortable pension age. Hard work and successfully implementing major projects, can become the head of the information technology department or IT-manager. Also, web developers to freelance and neither of whom are independent. And yet, this profession is a great platform to start their own business on the Internet.

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