You have spent months or possibly years planning your perfect wedding. It has been a long build-up, but finally your big day is here! Life is good, everything has gone to plan and you are the centre of attention as you glide effortlessly down the isle looking the picture of poise and elegance.


After all this careful planning your wedding day can seem to pass by in a heady rush of glee and euphoria. Even after the natural high of your wedding day you still have the excitement of your honeymoon to look forward to with your new spouse.


On your return home there is still lots to do. Those thank you letters and cards will not write themselves and you still have to finalise your job with your wedding photographer or videographer for the delivery of your wedding film and wedding album.


Once the dust has settled and you have found a home for all of your wedding gifts, it can seem like you are coming back down to earth with a loud thud. You notice your honeymoon tan is starting to fade, your roots are showing and your credit card bill has arrived making you wince and purse your lips. Was that ice-sculpture really worth it after all?


PND – Post-nuptial Depression


There is a name for the comedown following the heady rush of your wedding and honeymoon period. It is called post-nuptial depression and according to some leading psychotherapists, it can hit at least one in ten brides very hard indeed. This is why it can be very wise to put a plan of action into place to help you to continue to feel good long after your honeymoon and beyond.


Keep the honeymoon going


First of all, treat yourself to little pick-me-up. It can make you feel sad to look into the mirror to see your honeymoon tan disappearing and you hair looking a little dull. Book yourself a salon treatment and a new hairdo. Keep your honeymoon glow with a facial and maybe a little light fake tan to help boost your mood. Refresh your perfume with a fresh bottle of your favourite scent – preferably the one you wore on your wedding day. This will help remind you of your special day.


Dig out your guest book from your wedding reception and go through your messages from your guests. Look at all those happy messages of love and warm feelings – it feels good to have made so many of your closest friends and family happy, right?


Share a bottle of wine with your spouse and watch your wedding film over again to help bring back those treasured memories and relive your vows over again. You will be amazed at how many moments you missed on your big day that have been captured on camera. From your mother wiping away tears of joy as you stand at the alter, to you cheeky little nephew pulling faces and making people laugh at your reception.


Make a pact with your partner that you will keep a regular event going. This could be anything from a special date-night once per month where you both dress up really posh and treat yourself to an expensive restaurant meal, or it could be something more simple and fun like a 'mojito night' once per week that you started while on your honeymoon.


Nothing lifts the spirits like the sight and smell of fresh flowers. Choose some seasonal flowers in your chosen wedding colours to decorate your home and office. It will remind you of your big day and will also cheer up your surroundings and make you feel better.

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